Jersey – A Little Piece Of Home

Girls Who Travel | Jersey - A Little Piece Of Home

Jersey is homey.

Girls Who Travel | Jersey - A Little Piece Of Home

Jersey – A Little Piece Of Home

The Bailiwick of Jersey is one of the two crown dependents in the Channel Island. It is located in the English Channel, off the coast of Normandy, France. It is the largest of the Channel Islands and is a self-governing democracy. Although not part of the UK, the country still represents Jersey in all international relations.

While it is part of the British Isles, it is more likely to borrow a cup of tea with its neighbour, France. Not quite British, not quite French – just Jersey. The locals speak both English and French, but the original islanders speak the traditional ancient Jersey-Norman language called JĂ©rrais. And much like its sister, Guernsey, visitors of the place are lured by its aquamarine beaches, rich history, picturesque views, and adventure packed activities.

This lush archipelago is the most populous of the Channel Islands and also the most popular out of all due to it offering loads of activities and bigger stretches of sandy beaches. However, if you’re worried about the crowd, you should not be. Because the word ‘busy’ is an overstatement here, what they refer to as busy is probably the amount of people you would see in the streets of London when it’s 3 am and there are no longer any people out and about. That’s busy for Jersey.

Girls Who Travel | Jersey - A Little Piece Of Home

Perhaps the most amazing fact you need to know about Jersey, is that it is the sunniest place in the British Isles! Every morning, we would take a walk in the Saint Helier where the streets are cobbled, and the beach is just a smell away. No, literally, you could smell the fresh ocean breeze from the town centre! As cliché as it sounds, you really can do anything under the sun.


Whether you’re a lover of the luxury life or a fan of the simple life, Jersey has got it all for you. You can go to a spa overlooking the beautiful coastal backdrops or you can dive in the sun-kissed beaches or you can do both.

Girls Who Travel | Jersey - A Little Piece Of Home

It has great beaches, excellent strolls, beautiful castles, and some secret hidden spots that have really cool historical stories to them such as the Atlantic Wall. And because Jersey has such a continental way of living, you can name any activity and you can find it here – from water sports, skydiving, museum tours, walking tours, or simply just lounging in the spa to pamper yourself.


The main surf break is at St. Quen’s Bay. The bay has 3 miles of sand banks perfect for both rookies and advanced surfers. Jersey is home to one of the best surfing beaches in Europe. With the warmest waters in the British Isles coupled with amazing coastal views, you really can’t go wrong.


If you want to experience the feeling of jumping from an aircraft and see the beauty of this planet from above, then Jersey is the perfect place to do so. You can feel the zephyr on your face as you drop to earth at 120mph! Feel the intense free-fall turn into a slow descent to the ground. What a rush!


If extreme water sports aren’t for you, you can try the more relaxed activities. Most beaches here, if not all, have kayaks readily available for hire. You can go alone or with family and friends to go into the deeper parts of the sea.

Most surf schools will also have the option to go SUP-ing (stand-up paddle boarding). SUP-ing is a great way to take in the sites of the beautiful sea around.

Lastly, jet skiing is always an option. Because Jersey has a wide set of bays, you can hire a (or bring your own) jet ski and go into the depths of the sea and run into a dolphin or a whole school of them! It’s the perfect adrenaline rush fuelled activity for all ages.


Experience the amazing coastal and circular walks in Jersey. You can either hire a tour guide or walk alone or with a company, the views here cannot be compared and is definitely one for the books. Some of the walking tours even include ghost stories. Make sure to take a selfie while you’re at it!


I think there is no better natural high than the one you get as you jump into the water! Coasteering is mix of rock climbing, swimming, and cliff jumping all in one. What better way to experience and see Jersey’s wildlife than immersing yourself in it?


Jersey’s beaches have got some of the most interesting underwater views. From the marine life to wrecks, I wouldn’t have it any other way! If you’re not a licensed diver, you can access shores and do some snorkelling. If you have a license to dive, you can choose doing a shore dive, wreck dive, drift dive, and even a deeper advanced dive.


Jersey might be the biggest island in the Channel, but it won’t take you a month to visit all of its glorious must-see places. So, when you do visit, take advantage of the sites to see!


Girls Who Travel | Jersey - A Little Piece Of Home

The island’s capital. Look no further for attractions, Saint Helier is well-known for being a hub of luxurious relaxation and its knack for history, art, culture, and seafood restaurants.


This beach is the longest beach on the island. The sand is golden and the waters are turquoise. You can spend hours getting wet or simply stroll along the sandy shore under the sun. Grab a bite in one of the kiosks or cafes or gabble a big meal in one of the many restaurants. You can even choose your own pearl at Jersey Pearl – you can’t beat the fun of picking your own oyster and finding an Akoya pearl within.


The castle is the perfect place to spend a day exploring Jersey’s history. You can see the battlements and explore the turrets and bunkers from the old wars and discover the rich history that lies in the island.


Girls Who Travel | Jersey - A Little Piece Of Home

The Jersey Zoo is an animal haven and is the best place to discover some of the world’s most incredible creatures. It’s got valleys, woodland, and even houses a couple of rare animals. My personal favourite is the gorilla enclosure! It’s the perfect place for children and families.


It is the only surviving working watermill on the island. A visit will give you a fascinating insight into Jersey’s agricultural and industrial heritage that is sure to leave a mark.


Discover Jersey’s history from 250,000 years ago. In here, you can find out why Jersey remains loyal to the English Crown despite it being so close to France and how the happenings of the past have moulded this unique island and its inhabitants.


Girls Who Travel | Jersey - A Little Piece Of Home

This is the tenth oldest building in the world. ‘Nuff said.

Girls Who Travel | Jersey - A Little Piece Of Home

Jersey really has a special place in my heart. It was homey and warm. It felt like I was visiting a childhood hometown and everybody welcomed me with open arms. The trip was enjoyable. There’s really something about small islands that clears your perspective about life. Perhaps it’s the sea air, perhaps it’s the delicious food, perhaps it’s the locals’ friendly smiles. Or maybe it’s all of it! One thing is for sure, it’s a trip that I can’t wait to do again.

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