Portugal and Two Weeks of Glorious Travel

Girls Who Travel | Portugal
Portugal is beautiful in its own ramshackle, unkempt way.  Accept her beauty as she gives it to you; even though she is unassuming and even unaware of what she offers visitors.  Each cobblestone street, each narrow passageway is similar to unwrapping a gift.  I perused these gifts during a two week, solo trip in September 2018.  This was my first solo trip; I was nervous and excited.  I recently read that Portugal has a 26% unemployment rate, but I only witnessed bustling streets with tons of European and British tourists, downright honesty and some unbelievable prices on food. Lisbon I ...


Quarantine Across 3 Continents – Searching for ‘Home’

When a new, unknown virus hit the world, the lives of billions of people changed drastically over the course of mere weeks. People suddenly found themselves following unprecedented safety measures....
Look good while traveling

10 Easy Ways To Look Polished While Traveling

When you're on the go, it can be easy to adopt that weary traveler couture. You earned that look, so don't hate on it too much. But if you want...
Girls Who Travel | Hostel in Indiana

On Neurodivergence and Solo Road Trips

Traveling with Neurodivergence: This image is of a sunset on my solo road trip through Indiana. I never thought I would get to go on a road trip. I was...
Girls Who Travel | Eco-friendly family holiday

9 ways to enjoy your most eco-friendly family holiday yet

Travelling around our beautiful planet is an incredible privilege. But with environmental threats making it ever more fragile, how can we make our family holiday more sustainable than ever this...
Girls Who Travel | The Future of Luxury Travel After the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Future of Luxury Travel After the Pandemic

Photo by Claire Ward on Unsplash What is the future of luxury travel after the pandemic? People are still struggling with the idea of wearing masks everywhere they go.  Ensuring...
Girls Who Travel | Acropolis at sunrise edited

Chilling Out in Athens on a Winter Holiday

Sweaters and jackets are not typical suitcase contents for a trip to Greece. But there are advantages to a winter holiday. That’s why it was our chosen destination. Not keen...
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