Travel is Personal, Travel is Healing

The idea of travel use to be nothing more than just an idea. Growing up as an only child to a single mom, traveling never crossed my mind. I mean, how could it when we struggled with not having enough money for our daily life. Traveling was so far out of reach for someone like me. Those people laying on a tropical beach somewhere in paradise or sailing on a boat in crystal blue waters that I saw in photos and on T.V must be rich. Right? Traveling is too expensive. So I thought. It was in my third year ...


Girls Who Travel | A Love Affair for Road Trips to National Parks

A Love Affair for Road Trips to National Parks

Growing up, I was used to sitting tight and bored on the road for several hours with my parents. We would take many road trips through America, spanning from the...
Girls Who Travel | Being a Responsible Traveler

Being a Responsible Traveler

Being a responsible traveler isn’t just about not littering and minimizing our carbon footprint as much whenever possible. It’s also about being a global citizen. Traveling is an opportunity to...
A very blue lake sits in a crater in Yellowstone. There are trees lining the exterior of the circle that holds the crater and lake. Its a gorgeous day with a few clouds scattered around the sky.

Yellowstone: The Perfect Pit Stops

With spraying geysers, loads of wildlife, and rainbow pools, Yellowstone National Park catches the imagination of travelers worldwide. Due to its size – a sprawling 3,471 square miles! – Yellowstone...
Girls Who Travel | Are Interactions with Elephants Truly Ethical?

Are Interactions with Elephants Truly Ethical?

Elephants are one of the world’s most loved animals. You can see why – they are such majestic creatures! Seeing elephants, usually in Thailand, is on most people's bucket lists....
Girls Who Travel | How To Survive the Tourist Traps of Venice

How to Survive the Tourist Traps of Venice

I love Venice and it's always a pleasure to visit alone or with friends. A few years ago, I was part of a group of volunteers of an American Air...

6 Tips for Taking the Trail Less Traveled

Many of us retreat to the trail when we need a little bit of peace and quiet. These days, however, trails can sometimes feel like a highway at rush-hour and...
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