Wales is Worth Exploring!

Girls Who Travel | Wales is Worth Exploring
Wales is a dependent country that I'd describe as a contemporary society living in the past. I say this with utter confidence as Wales just thrives in art, culture, technology, and modernised people. But they live in an old-age setting where beautiful rugged coastlines, mountainous views, sepulchral caves, rolling hills, and castles exist. Also, the Welsh language is something one would not miss – it brought me somewhere else upon hearing it. Wales is a country well worth exploring! A little bit about Wales My journey began in Cardiff, a seemingly a small town that offers the amenities of a ...


Girls Who Travel | Sunset at sea

Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean

Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean is a dream for many. Not the easy way, like on a big cruise ship, but on a sailboat. In places like La Linea, Spain,...
Girls Who Travel | My Unexpected Valentine's in Nicaragua

My Unexpected Valentine’s in Nicaragua

I hate Valentine's Day. I always have, regardless of if I'm with someone or single. For the record, I've been with the same guy for over 10 years now and...
Girls Who Travel | Reykjavik on a Budget

Visiting Reykjavik on a Budget

  Back in September I was coming down off my trip high from 2 months in Europe and wanted to spend the New Year in a new place. I used...
Girls Who Travel | A Camel Walked by my Window

A Camel Walked by my Window

A painful divorce was the gift I needed to understand that part of me that always made me somewhat ashamed. Unable to settle down I could never settle down. Throughout...
Girls Who Travel | Wilsall: A Hidden Montana Getaway

Wilsall: A Hidden Montanan Getaway

Located in the midst of the Bridger Mountain Range exists the quaint, rustic town of Wilsall. Although the town is small and remote enough to not attract a flood of...
7 Essential Solo Travel Tips | Girls Who Travel

7 Essential Solo Travel Tips

My name is Malak and I have been traveling solo for quite some time (28 countries & counting)! Here is a gist of solo travels through my eyes & 7...
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