10 Ways to avoid Emotional Eating

Girls Who Travel | Emotional Eating
Times are tough. I have been an emotional eater all my life. Lately I have tried to prioritize my health and well-being and not cover every negative feeling with food. Here are 10 ways how to avoid emotional eating. 1. Distract yourself When you feel the strong urge to have a snack come on, do something. Go for a walk, if that's still allowed wherever you are. Change what you are doing. Are you watching TV? Maybe do some deep cleaning instead. You will feel so accomplished when you are done! Maybe put on a different outfit. Get out of ...


Girls Who Travel | Join the National Parks Junior Ranger Program!

Join the National Parks Junior Ranger Program!

Junior Ranger Annalisa here, are you in desperate need of an adventure? Well the American National Park Service is here to save the day! The National Park Service has a...
Girls Who Travel | Homemade Pup Treats your Dog will Love!

Homemade Pup Treats Your Dog Will Love!

As we continue on our journey of isolation, we finally get a taste of what our dogs endure day after mundane day. Sitting at home dreaming of adventures, staring out...
Girls Who Travel | Best desserts fom around the world

Travel the world with these 10 desserts

We all need to treat ourselves a little bit, and while we are stuck at home there is plenty of time to try one of these fabulous desserts from around...
Girls Who Travel | Recipes from around the world

Cook Yourself around the World with these 10 Recipes

Cooking is a fine way to spend the extra time we now have on our hands. We can't go to other countries at the moment, but we can bring other...
Girls Who Travel | Deep Cleaning You Need to Be Doing in Isolation

Deep Cleaning You Need to Be Doing in Isolation

Clutter is not only bad for your physical and mental health, but it can get out of hand pretty easily. We are here to help! We’ve rounded up a list...
Girls Who Travel | Destination Wedding

How to Postpone your Destination Wedding

Are you postponing and/or cancelling your destination wedding due to the coronavirus?  I had to, and here is how I approached it. This might help some of you as you're...
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