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9 Unique MICE Friendly Destinations for Travelers

9 Unique MICE Friendly Destinations for Travelers MICE tourism connects events like meetings, conferences and exhibitions with travel. It is a kind of business travel...
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5 Best Safaris in Tanzania for Solo Travelers

Looking for the best safaris in Tanzania for solo travelers? You've come to the right place. Tanzania is arguably one of the best places to...
Girls Who Travel | How To Get Best Hotel Deals 

How To Get Best Hotel Deals 

If you are on a budget, booking cheap accommodations and finding out how to get best hotel deals is crucial. However, it's not as easy...
Girls Who Travel | Are safaris ethical?

Are Safaris Ethical?

A safari in Africa is on the bucket lists of many traveler enthusiasts. A safari is a unique experience, offering a chance to see wildlife...
Girls Who Travel | The Best African National Parks

The 21 Best African National Parks

Are you interested in visiting the best African national parks? Africa, home to 54 beautiful and unique countries, is famous for amazing wildlife, unforgettable natural...
Girls Who Travel | The Ultimate Morocco Travel Guide

The Ultimate Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco is a country in North Africa that's becoming ever more popular with travelers from around the world. It offers a unique mix of culture,...



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