About Us

Arden Headshot

Hi! My name is Arden and I am so glad you're here.

When I first wanted to travel, I had to figure everything out myself and scrape together every penny I had. And what I thought would be a fun trip turned out to be a transformational experience that showed me my own strength and helped me see that people are more alike than different.

When I returned, I learned that I wasn't alone. 70% of women say travel makes them strong and 82% say it made them more empathic. But I  learned I wasn't alone in another way. Like me, many women had barriers that made it difficult -- or even worse, impossible -- to travel. Not just because of money but because of things like safety, discrimination, and access.

So in 2011, I founded Girls Who Travel the first women's travel community with one mission: to make travel inclusive, sustainable, and empowering.  With the help of a team of global volunteers, we're redefining travel and ensuring that all women have the opportunity to travel, regardless of access, ability, or privilege.

We welcome all people who identify as female to connect, educate and inspire each other with their stories, fears, knowledge, questions and ideas. Because together we make each other strong. We hope you will join us and see the world.

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