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The Best Ways To Use Vacation Days at Work

We all know that taking a break from work is essential. A vacation is more than a luxury—it’s critical to our well-being. Vacations reduce stress,...
Girls Who Travel | Budget Travel for 2024

Top Budget-Friendly Destinations for 2024

Feeling the travel itch but your wallet's whispering sweet nothings about staying home? Don't worry, Girls Who Travel! There's still plenty of time to find...
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5 Packing Hacks for Wheelchair-Accessible Travel

Traveling with a wheelchair can present unique packing challenges, but with a few clever strategies, you can make your next trip both accessible and hassle-free....
Girls Who Travel | Exploring The Algarve: The Ultimate Guide For Women Travelling Solo

Exploring The Algarve: The Ultimate Guide For Women Travelling Solo

Choose Your Base Alright, listen up solo travellers! Before hitting the road in the Algarve, you gotta pick your home base. Three awesome options –...
Girls Who Travel | 10 Best and Unique Road Trip Hacks

10 Best and Unique Road Trip Hacks

Let's chat about unique road trip hacks! Recently I went on a very long road trip: from the West Coast of the USA, more specifically...
Girls Who Travel | The 5 Best Types of Lodging for a Long Stay Abroad

The 5 Best Types Of Lodging For A Long Stay Abroad

Are you planning an extended time of travel and are wondering about the best types of lodging for a long stay abroad? Long-term travelers often...



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