Being A “Girl”

"Her Adventures is a welcoming community for travelers from all walks of life who identify on the female/feminine end of the spectrum. Please confirm you identify as non-masculine/non-male.”


That's a question we ask our members before they are allowed to join our closed Facebook group and it defines how we as a community understand what it means to be a "girl."

As travelers, we know that the world is much bigger and much more beautiful and much more than just some black and white definitions that have been handed down to us. We know that our bodies do not define who we are. The conversation and vocabulary for gender is still in its infancy, but we as a team are doing our best to continue to stay alert and learn. For today, we felt that the best way to describe our community was to say that we welcome anyone who identifies on the female/feminine spectrum.

Don’t know exactly what that looks like? Good, neither do we. That’s because it’s not up to us as individuals to judge what it means to be female/feminine.

Does that mean we shouldn’t have a “girls only” group? No! Sisterhood centered spaces are healing spaces. And that’s what Her Adventures is – a sisterhood. A place for us to come together in our feminine power and support each other.

In addition to the work we are doing on our own, we are always eager to talk to anyone who can help us make this group more inclusive and welcoming. Please reach out to us if you ever have thoughts or suggestions.