LGBTQ Travelers

Girls Who Travel | Nudist Beaches

Exploring World’s 7 Best Nudist Beaches

Forget swimsuits! Naturism, going nude outdoors, has been around for ages, but it's getting more popular as people want to connect with nature and themselves...
Girls Who Travel | The 10 Top Destinations for LGBTQ Women 

The 10 Top Destinations For LGBTQ Women 

Safety and comfort are always top concerns of women travelers. But when you’re a queer woman like me, finding destinations that are safe and affirming...
Girls Who Travel | Top LGBTQ Friendly Travel Destinations in the world

20 Great LGBTQ Friendly Travel Destinations

Top LGBTQ Friendly Travel Destinations Worldwide When it comes to traveling, a lot of things have changed since the turn of the century. It's true...
Girls Who Travel | 5 great tips for gay travellers

5 Great Tips for Gay Travellers

It's finally summer and we can leave our jobs behind for a couple of weeks. Time for holiday, time to visit beautiful places! I've been...
Girls Who Travel | Highlighting LGBTQ Podcasts During Pride Month

Highlighting LGBTQ Podcasts

It's pride month and we’re continuing our series highlighting LGBTQ podcasts, members of the travel community that are often unseen and unheard. Up next, we're...



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