Ethical Animal Tourism

Girls Who Travel | 12 best Tips To End Rucksack Rummaging

12 Best Tips To End Rucksack Rummaging

Living out of a rucksack can drive you mad – it’s the constant rummaging and looking for stuff that will drive you nuts. It's not...
Girls Who Travel | Best Dinosaur Attractions In The US

11 Best Dinosaur Attractions In The US

Dinosaurs, these ancient creatures that lived long, long ago, hold a deep fascination for young and old. Luckily, there are many dinosaur attractions in the...
Girls Who Travel | Where To See Penguins In Argentina

Where To See Penguins In Argentina: 4 Places & The Best Tours

Penguins have always held a special place in the heart of wildlife enthusiasts, but thanks to movies like Happy Feet, these adorable little creatures have...
Girls Who Travel | Best Places to see Wild Horses in America

The 5 Best Places To See Wild Horses in America

Nothing can come close to the heart-pounding thunder of horse hooves beating across the ground as they run through the plains. The Best Places To...
Girls Who Travel | Are safaris ethical?

Are Safaris Ethical?

A safari in Africa is on the bucket lists of many traveler enthusiasts. A safari is a unique experience, offering a chance to see wildlife...
Girls Who Travel | Best Ecotourism Activities Around The World

20 Best Ecotourism Activities Around The World

Let's chat about the best ecotourism activities around the world! Girls Who Travel is a community of women radically redefining travel to be inclusive, sustainable, and empowering. We...



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