Girls Who Travel | The Best Road Trips in Each Region of the U.S.

The United States contains five primary regions: West, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast. Each offers something unique to visitors. What’s the best way to see them? Road trip!

The Best Road Trips in Each Region of the U.S.

Girls Who Travel | The Best Road Trips in Each Region of the U.S.

Check out our list below so you know where you should drive, when you should visit, and how long you’ll need.

West: Loop Through Southern California’s Deserts

The western U.S. has a lot of amazing geography throughout, but southern California’s deserts take the cake. Start in Los Angeles and end in Los Angeles to complete the loop, although you don’t have to. Drive to and through Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks to see everything from sand dunes to salt flats. Give yourself at least seven days to explore everything these parks have to offer. We suggest visiting in the winter to avoid the summer heat.

Southwest: Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway

Girls Who Travel | The Best Road Trips in Each Region of the U.S.

New Mexico will wow you with its Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, featuring everything from mountains to river gorges. You’ll start and end in Taos and can do the entire drive in a day if you want. However, many prefer spending at least two days exploring the towns and natural elements of this drive. Although New Mexico is hot, the road’s high elevation cools the trip down, so you can enjoy it any time of year.

Midwest: First Cities of Route 66

Route 66 starts in the great city of Chicago and is perhaps the most famous road trip in the United States. It doesn’t end until you reach California, but you can cut the trip short in St. Louis and focus on this amazing Midwest city. Eat deep-dish pizza at the start of your journey, stop to exercise on the Route 66 Bikeway, and finish at the historic St. Louis arch. While you can do this drive in a day, you should give yourself three days for all the activities. Go in the late spring or middle of fall for the best biking weather.

Northeast: Loop Through Acadia National Park

Girls Who Travel | The Best Road Trips in Each Region of the U.S.

One national park doesn’t sound worthy of a whole road trip until you see Acadia National Park in Maine. The stunning seaside cliffs full of trees will make you realize that this smaller park is worth several days of exploration. This road trip is perfect for people who want to focus on camping in their RV instead of driving it. Flexible road trips that include camping is one of the top reasons an RV is a great investment. While you can make this trip in just a few hours, the national park pass will allow you in for seven days. Therefore, we suggest camping, especially in the summer.

Southeast: Coastal Georgia and South Carolina

Last but not least, we visit the southeastern coast of the U.S. Take Highway 95 from Savannah, Georgia, to Charleston, South Carolina, to enjoy beaches, history, and delicious food. There are small detour expressways and country roads you can take off Highway 95 to extend your exploration. Remember, the more stops you make, the longer your trip. Many spend about five days on this fun drive, which is most comfortable in the spring and fall.

It’s almost impossible to narrow down the list of best road trips in each U.S. region. However, the above list provides the most diverse landscapes you can enjoy at different points of the year. There are many great ways to have a sustainable road trip, too. Happy exploring!

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