6 Life-Saving Travel Gifts for Women

Her Adventures | Travel Gifts for Women

Finding the perfect gift can be exhausting, stressful, and confusing. If you have a woman in your life that loves to travel or is about to embark on a travel journey, I’ve compiled a list of the best travel gifts for women. Most people follow the Four Gift Rule – ‘Something they Need’, ‘Something to Wear’, ‘Something they Want’, and ‘Something to Read‘. But I have an extra rule up my sleeve – the fifth rule. I call it the ‘Something Life-Saving’.

6 Life-Saving Travel Gifts for Women

Girls Who Travel | 6 Life-Saving Travel Gifts for Women

These are things that we don’t normally think of when purchasing something, things that we don’t think we need until, of course, we do. These are the gifts that will ultimately save our lives if we were in danger or will make our lives 100x easier when used. It’s a present that will blow your loved one’s mind away – it’s a surprise that will make them shed a tear or two.

1. First Aid Kit with Torch and Compass

When I think of first aid kits, my mind immediately expects a large box filled with medical supplies. So, I end up packing a few plasters and a pain killer. Nothing much to it, and probably won’t do much when I do need a proper first aid kit. So make sure you get one that contains all the necessities, like this first aid kit! I can toss it anywhere in my backpack and I never feel unprepared again. By far, one of the best travel gifts for women.

2. Microfiber Towel

Say goodbye to bulky towels. This pocket-sized high-tech performance fabric does the same job, but better! I get so anxious whenever I pack my body towel, because it’s just so bulky and massive. Sometimes, I even end up not packing one to save space, and just wing it if I ever needed to use one during my travels.

Well, this item saved my life once or twice. It’s a high performing, ultralight, incredibly compact towel. It replaces the regular cotton or microfiber towel. Its main material is microfiber. This fabric absorbs 2.3 times its weight in moisture. Best of all, its anti-microbial coating thwarts bacteria and lasts through repeated washings. This microfiber towel has a carabiner clip, so I can easily attach it to my bag or my trousers. All I need to do after using it is to hand wash with warm water and then hang dry.

Girls Who Travel | 6 Life-Saving Travel Gifts for Women

3. Reusable Travel Tooth Care Pen

Once or twice in my life, I’ve been subject to impromptu camping that I did not sign up for. I was unprepared and lacked the basic hygiene items that I would normally bring. Luckily for me, I had my own discrete travel tooth care pen. It’s two-in-one travel toothbrush and toothpaste that makes stain go away and bad breath disappear. I can bring it anywhere with me, even to a normal dinner outside, because it’s tiny and portable. I can’t have my teeth stained with red wine and expect people not to stare at me, right? All I need to do is twist the bottom, wet the brush, and brush my teeth wherever I can.

4. TRTL Pillow

Perhaps my most used travel item hack and one of the most convenient travel gifts for women. The TRTL pillow is the perfect portable neck pillow. I always fall asleep during my travels, may it be in a place or on the road. And there’s nothing worse than falling asleep, only to be suddenly awake because my body jolts as soon as my head starts to fall. Annoying! The TRTL pillow truly saved me from a bad neck injury and of course makes all my on-the-road sleeps comfortable. Every chance I got to nap, I take advantage of because of this pillow. I actually feel so refreshed after my sleep.

5. Musical Sleeping Mask

This cushy, cordless, headphone-equipped travel sleeping mask helps me get a good night sleep whether I’m on the road or in a hostel where noisy occupants stay. No light can get past its thick lining, and I’m guaranteed to doze off in only a few minutes after the first song in my playlist. Sometimes, I even use it for the sole purpose of relaxing and meditating. I can meditate wherever I want, because the total, complete silence and darkness envelops me. I listen to my ideal lullaby or soothing music using the integrated headphones.

Girls Who Travel | 6 Life-Saving Travel Gifts for Women

6. Water Bottle With Filter

We need to be mindful of what we put in our mouths. This water bottle with a filter will eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses and ensures that you are properly hydrated at all times!

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