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Guide for A Quick Trip To Southern California Highlights

No matter how many places you have on your vacation list or places you’d love to see, you can never miss visiting Southern California. This is considered one of the most beautiful regions in America and you can book a solo or family vacation! With the pleasant weather, sandy beaches and numerous tourist attractions, you will never miss having fun. Allow me to highlight some of the top places you must visit in SoCal!

Long Beach

Long Beach is a magnificent place to visit as it has attractions like the legendary Queen Mary, one of the utmost luxury ships that has ever sailed. Currently, the ship is at the harbor and has become a major site with fantastic floating hotels where you can wine and dine in with the oceanic view. Head down towards the harbor, and pass the famous Gerald Desmond Bridge, probably one of the most important bridges for the US economy. This town is the perfect mix of city and sea life! If you are a race fan, you can also see where they used to run the Long Beach Grand Prix.

Santa Monica

Located right next to the ocean, Santa Monica is one of the most visited places anytime you are in Southern California. It is celebrated for its surfing and swimming activities; furthermore, the amazing beaches allow you to sunbathe while you enjoy the breeze. In Santa Monica, you can visit the Santa Monica Pier, which has the Ferris Wheel that is illuminated by LED lights creating a striking ambiance at night.

Southern California

San Diego

With breathtaking views of the beaches and picturesque ocean, San Diego is a picture-perfect place where you can have a getaway after the pandemic. The city is filled with historical attractions, theme parks and the globally renowned zoo. The area is diversified with different cultures integrated into the stunning city meaning you can enjoy tangy foods and Spanish architecture.

Palm Springs

This is one of the most celebrated destinations among famous and wealthy celebrities. Located east of Los Angeles, the area is great for sports such as golf as there are neatly groomed golf courses galore! Nonetheless, the area has the Aerial Tramway and the Chino Canyon where you can enjoy a ride through then later watch the desert landscapes. If sports aren’t your thing, indulge yourself in wellness treatments or days by the pool, like the glamorous star you are!

Channel Islands National Park

This is among one of the eight islands that are located off the coast of Southern California where you will get to enjoy the sea caves and the forests that surround the island. The Channel Islands gives you the perfect opportunity to snorkel and scuba diving. Additionally, you can participate in the boat excursions where you can whale watch and admire the majestic wonders of the sea.

Southern California is a scenic place that you can’t miss as soon as it’s safe to travel! Being a large state, you need to create an itinerary that will guide you through so that you don’t miss any amazing places!

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  1. We should follow the health advisory, it is important because of the covid situation. California is the best place to visit for a travel enthusiast.These things are wonderful to do in South California. Wonderful information about the travel destinations in California. Subscribed your blog for updates.

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