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7 Girls Outing Places to Have Fun in India

By Anonymous / May 25, 2021

There are 28 states in India and the destination options to travel to are endless. Yet, if you are willing to travel with your group of girlfriends or even going solo, you need to get your research done right. Also, […]

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One-of-a-Kind Luxury Items to Splurge on While in Italy

By Anonymous / November 5, 2020

If you ever find yourself in the lucky position of being able to visit Italy, then you will soon realise that it is the absolute epicentre of quality of luxury! Whether you are in Milan, Florence, Venice or Rome, it […]

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Look good while traveling

10 Easy Ways To Look Polished While Traveling

By Anonymous / September 16, 2020

When you’re on the go, it can be easy to adopt that weary traveler couture. You earned that look, so don’t hate on it too much. But if you want to spruce up your style a little bit, here are […]

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Southern California

Guide for A Quick Trip To Southern California Highlights

By Anonymous / July 31, 2020

No matter how many places you have on your vacation list or places you’d love to see, you can never miss visiting Southern California. This is considered one of the most beautiful regions in America and you can book a […]

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Take Care Of Your Health While Social Distancing

By Anonymous / April 14, 2020

Right now across the world, we are going through an experience that we have never had to deal with before. The curve flattening quarantine and social distancing rules in place in most countries have meant that billions of us are […]

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Girls Who Travel | Are Interactions with Elephants Truly Ethical?

Are Interactions with Elephants Truly Ethical?

By Anonymous / October 15, 2019

Elephants are one of the world’s most loved animals. You can see why – they are such majestic creatures! Seeing elephants, usually in Thailand, is on most people’s bucket lists. Most people are aware that elephant riding is not ethical, […]

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