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How to Stay Healthy While Practicing Social Distancing

By Anonymous / April 14, 2020

Right now across the world, we are going through an experience that we have never had to deal with before. The curve flattening quarantine and social distancing rules in place in most countries have meant that billions of us are […]

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Girls Who Travel | Are Interactions with Elephants Truly Ethical?

Are Interactions with Elephants Truly Ethical?

By Anonymous / October 15, 2019

Elephants are one of the world’s most loved animals. You can see why – they are such majestic creatures! Seeing elephants, usually in Thailand, is on most people’s bucket lists. Most people are aware that elephant riding is not ethical, […]

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Remembering Your Worth

By Anonymous / July 3, 2019

**Trigger warning: talk of sexual abuse** I was right out of college and moving to Florida for a job. I had things semi lined up and was starting a new chapter of my life. Unfortunately, the job fell through and […]

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I see you. I hear you.

By Anonymous / June 3, 2019

**Trigger warning: Descriptions of rape** I have gotten very good at compartmentalizing different parts of my life, shoving things I don’t want to remember or don’t want people to see into the far corners of my mind and hiding it […]

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Girls Who Travel | A toy plane sits on top of a globe.

Let’s Chat About Privilege

By Anonymous / February 20, 2019

This post was put together with the help of Team GWT members and comments from members of our Facebook community. Credit goes solely to this amazing community of insightful and wise women. The topic of privilege comes up from time […]

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Girls Who Travel | The Globethotter Diaries: A London Encounter

The Globethotter Diaries: A London Encounter

By Anonymous / January 30, 2019

London was the first city I dreamed of visiting, as a child and as a teenager who’d never left the country. In my fantasies, the United Kingdom was always my first pick – all of my favorite bands were from […]

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