5 Spookiest Gatlinburg Ghost Tours & Ghostwalks

Girls Who Travel | 5 Spookiest Gatlinburg Ghost Tours & Ghostwalks

Gatlinburg ghost tours are the best vacation entertainment for the true believer in paranormal activity. The closer it gets to All Hallow’s Eve, the more restless ghosts, spirits, and other things which lurk out there get. If you find yourself in east Tennessee, which is simply spook-tacular, you should consider booking one or more of these great Gatlinburg ghost tours. Get ready to communicate with the spirits of early pioneers, hear folk tales, and listen to stories of settlers who’s souls may or may not have departed the town of Gatlinburg.

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Quick History of Gatlinburg

Girls Who Travel | 5 Spookiest Gatlinburg Ghost Tours & Ghostwalks

Gatlinburg is a small town in east Tennessee. Its proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains National park makes it a very popular tourism destination. William Ogle from South Carolina was the first to settle in the area, then known as White Oak Flats, with his family in the mid 18th century. It didn’t get its name of Gatlinburg until 1856, when a post office was established in Radford Gatlin’s general store. Gatlin was eventually banned from the town on the eve of the Civil War by the regular people who disagreed with him over which side to take and many other issues. In 1863, Gatlinburg was occupied by Colonel Thomas and his confederate troops. William Thomas was most interested in mining salpeter in the area. Union soldiers eventually forced out Colonel Thomas. In the early 20th century, the lumber industry became very important to the town. This is also when the first tourists started to make their way to Gatlinburg, drawn there by the beautiful Smoky Mountains. The logging became so extensive that conservationists appealed to the government. President Franklin D. Roosevelt established the national park on September 2, 1940, making sure that Gatlinburg would be a desirable destination for visitors from all over the world.

If you have some extra time to spend in the area, consider steering off the haunted path and enjoy history tours of Tennessee, which are very informative and highly recommended, especially for first time visitors to the area.

5 Spookiest Gatlinburg Ghost Tours & Ghostwalks

Girls Who Travel | 5 Spookiest Gatlinburg Ghost Tours & Ghostwalks

1. Ghost Walk of Gatlinburg

The best spooky ghost tours happen at night, and so does the Ghost Walk of Gatlinburg. A professional guide will take you on a walking night-time tour of the streets of Gatlinburg and educate you about the town’s haunted past… and present! There’s an astonishing number of tragic deaths, murders, and suicides, and these lost souls do not rest in peace, like the one of Radford Gatlin, the man who gave this town its name and yet was the most hated of its citizens.

2. Appalachian Ghostwalks

Girls Who Travel | 5 Spookiest Gatlinburg Ghost Tours & Ghostwalks

Once upon a time, witches called the Appalachian Mountains home. Hear their stories and lore on a 1.5 hour The Witch Tour: Appalachian Mountains Ghost Tour. Take a hike into the heart of Tennessee, and face whatever it is that awaits you in these woods! The witch tour is one of the best Appalachian ghost walks available, and there is no better place to become a true believer than these dark, spooky trails.

3. Ghost and Haunt Tour of Gatlinburg

The Ghost and Haunt Tour of Gatlinburg is one of the best haunt tours of Gatlinburg. A local storyteller gives you the rundown on the town’s supernatural spirits, ghouls, and ghosts. True believers even get a chance to detect spirits on their gentle stroll through the darkened streets. Use ghost hunting equipment such as an emf detector to sense spirits on this spine-tingling ghost tour.
Pro tip: before you go looking for the Gatlinburg ghosts, download an app such as Ghost Radar or Ghost Detector Radar on your cell phone, and you can check for paranormal activity periodically.

4. Gatlinburg Ghosts Of The Smokies Most Haunted Tour

Girls Who Travel | 5 Spookiest Gatlinburg Ghost Tours & Ghostwalks

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and nearby Gatlinburg hold many dark secrets. Discover them on the Gatlinburg Ghosts of The Smokies Most Haunted Tour with US Ghost Adventures! Listen to tales of historical facts on your tour route through the downtown area and discovering the haunted stories of murder and more of its attractions such as the Gatlinburg Space Needle, White Oak Flats Cemetery, and Mysterious Mansion with small groups.

5. Mysterious Mansion

Take a self-guided haunted house tour! Mysterious Mansion is a three story mansion dating back to the turn of the century. This haunted house is open year round, but weekends in October feature special presentations.

Gatlinburg and the Smokey Mountains area are a major tourism destination, especially in October, when the leaves turn and supernatural spirits descend upon the world. These spookiest Gatlinburg ghost tours guarantee lots of frightening moments!

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