Stuttgart in a day

The city of Stuttgart is located in southwest Germany, directly on the Neckar River, and is the capital of the Baden-Württemberg state. An hour from the Black Forest and the sixth largest city in Germany the city has a big population, a huge inner city and three giant parks. They also have some really good ice cream!

I stayed in an airbnb in Bad Cannstatt, the artsy part of town with fascinating street art, cobblestone walkways and delicate fountains offering different types of mineral water. The woman I stayed with was an artist and had her paintings displayed throughout the house – I never wanted to leave!

On the day I visited, the trains were fast, on time and efficient, so I could get to old town within a matter of minutes. I first found the two castles at Schlossplatz – the Altes Schloss (old castle) from 1320, and the Neues Schloss (new castle) from 1807.

The Altes Schloss now houses the Landesmuseum Württemberg, which has an entire floor that is free, very interesting and highly recommended.

The Neues Schloss is MASSIVE, built for the duke Charles Eugene, and was also the birthplace of Germany’s future president Richard von Weizsäcker. The beautiful building was almost entirely destroyed in WWII, but was rebuilt in the 50’s and has been used a museum and state building ever since. I saw some incredible statues, a garden and a lavishly decorated fountain directly in front of the entrance. On the other side of the park lies the shopping mall “Königsbau Passagen,” an American style mall with overpriced food and majestic pillars out front.

I really enjoyed the beautiful big church in the center of town, Stiftskirche, surrounded by lovely fountains, the sidewalk decorations, and colorful clothing boutiques.

My next stop was Markthalle, the popular indoor market, offering everything from fruits & veggies to chocolates & truffles to spices & textiles. The dogs are closely monitored inside, so if you bring your furry friend, keep them on a literal close leash. (Not all dogs are required to have a leash in Germany, but it is highly recommended in Markthalle, mainly so that they don’t get stepped on.)

I loved the glorious theater building, completed in 1912 with grand pillars and sculptures framing the doorway. Currently housing the opera, ballet and theater companies, the Staatstheater Stuttgart is an impressive conglomeration of three world-renowned genres of the classical art scene. The next block holds the highly impressive home of Stuttgart’s visual arts, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. This is one of Europe’s best art museums. I unfortunately didn’t have time to go inside, but as you will see, the building itself is well worth the visit.

I wasn’t able to visit the Mercedes or Porsche museums, but I did see a lot of really expensive cars lol The Hauptbanhof is a work of art in itself, so make sure to stand back and admire it before boarding your train to continue your journey.

Stuttgart is not small, but it is possible to visit in a day or two. The only souvenir shops that I saw were in the main walkway of Königsbau Passagen, but the rest of the main shopping street is full of happy locals, munching on pretzels and drinking beer.

Have you been to Stuttgart?


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