Rent or Ride Share: Which Is Best for Travel?

Girls Who Travel | Rent or Ride Share: Which Is Best for Travel?

As you plan for your next adventure, you should consider your transportation options. A vital aspect of planning involves determining how you will get around your destination.

Rent or Ride Share: Which Is Best for Travel?

Girls Who Travel | Rent or Ride Share: Which Is Best for Travel?

The decision to rent or ride share can greatly influence your budget, comfort, and travel experience. Which is the best option for your travel plans?

When To Rent

When considering transportation options, renting a car presents several advantages. The most notable benefit is the increased comfort that comes with having a personal vehicle. You can adjust the air conditioning, choose your music, and even leave your belongings in the car. Additionally, you can enjoy the reliability and convenience of having your own vehicle on your travels. There is no need to wait for a ride-share driver or adhere to public transportation schedules!

If you are on a business trip that entails lots of driving from convention halls to restaurants, hotels, and other points of interest, a rented car is both a convenience and a necessity. Moreover, a car rental is often the most practical, if not the only, solution to get around comfortably if you plan to vacation in places where the infrastructure for ride-sharing or public transportation is lacking or non-existent. Of course, the car you rent depends on your budget. A modest sedan is perfect for a solo trip, while renting a luxury Chevrolet Suburban is better for impressing clients on business ventures.

If you are visiting the United States, make sure to read these USA rental car tips and tricks.

When To Use Ride-Share Apps

Girls Who Travel | Rent or Ride Share: Which Is Best for Travel?

Ride-share apps offer numerous benefits when traveling, particularly for people who prefer less commitment and lower costs. The pay-per-use model is a significant advantage of using ride-share services. Unlike car rentals that come with a fixed price, the cost of using ride-share apps directly correlates to the frequency of rides you take. The fewer the rides, the less you spend, making it an economical choice when you travel. Furthermore, using ride-share apps eliminates the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads and adhering to unfamiliar traffic rules in a different city or country.

Ride-share services are particularly useful for brief trips to densely populated towns and cities, such as New York, Chicago, Atlanta, or Seattle. These locations have a high availability of ride-sharing cars, making it easy to find a ride at a moment’s notice. Similarly, vacations for unwinding with friends and exploring local nightlife can greatly benefit from ride-sharing. In such scenarios, ride-share apps allow travelers to enjoy their night without worrying about the drive back to their accommodations.

Neither Rent nor Ride-Share: Is Public Transit Best for Travel?

Girls Who Travel | Rent or Ride Share: Which Is Best for Travel?

Public transportation, such as buses and trains, may be the best option in some cities. This is especially true for international travelers in countries where ride-share apps are not available or where renting and driving a car is not feasible. Public transport systems are often well-connected and provide an economical and environmentally friendly way to explore cities and towns. However, safety considerations are paramount, particularly for us women. Avoid using public transportation late at night, especially when traveling alone. The presence of a fellow traveler can improve your safety at night, so travel with a buddy when possible. Always stay aware of your surroundings when using public transportation, regardless of the time of day.

When choosing between renting or ride sharing, the best option is ultimately the one that fits your travel needs. Research what transportation options are available when planning your trip to ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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