4 Reasons To Visit the Isle of Skye

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The Isle of Skye – it’s not just a place, it’s a feeling. Tucked away off the coast of Scotland, this island is pure wild beauty. Think rugged mountains, a rich history whispering in the wind, and maybe even a hint of legend hiding in the mist-covered peaks. For me, Skye has always held a special place in my heart. In fact, I once dreamt of eloping here, surrounded by waterfalls, hidden beaches, and charming villages – a fairytale wedding forever etched in my memory.

Alright, so the elopement thing hasn’t quite happened yet, but Skye’s magic is undeniable. The mountains, often shrouded in an ethereal fog, and the windswept cliffs that seem to drop forever into the sea – it’s enough to make your soul soar and your imagination run wild. Even without the wedding, standing there on that island, I swear Skye cast a spell on me, an unforgettable and transformative experience.

Girls Who Travel | Isle of Skye

Intrigued by this Scottish gem? I’ve got four great reasons to visit the Isle of Skye so come along with me on a journey through the Isle of Skye, a place where fairytales whisper on the breeze and adventures await around every corner.

1. Exploring Isle of Skye’s Natural Wonders

The Isle of Skye wasn’t just a place, it was a portal to a world of wonder. Stepping off the ferry, I was greeted by air so crisp and clean it felt like it supercharged my happy chemicals. The landscape unfurled before me like a storybook come to life.

Dominating the scene were the Old Man of Storr, these incredible rock formations that jutted up against the sky. They were ancient giants, weathered and wise, standing guard over the land for centuries. Gazing up at them, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and reverence. There was a magic to this place, a whisper of secrets held within the stone. Just being there, surrounded by such mystery and grandeur, was an experience I wouldn’t soon forget.

Girls Who Travel | Isle of Skye
Old Man of Storr

Nearby, the Quiraing presents a landscape of otherworldly vision, with its dramatic peaks and valleys sculpted by the elemental forces of nature. Here, jagged cliffs loom overhead and their contours are softened by the drifting mists. As I traversed the winding paths of the Quiraing, I was enveloped in a sense of wonder, awestruck by the raw power and timeless allure of the highlands. Nothing could beat it.

Girls Who Travel | Isle of Skye

If you’re looking for a place to unwind and reconnect with nature, the Isle of Skye won’t disappoint. One of my favorite spots is the Fairy Pools. Imagine a hidden glen filled with crystal-clear pools and cascading waterfalls – pure serenity! Legend says these pools are home to fairies (of course!), and there’s definitely a magical feel to the place.

I braved the cool water for a swim, and let me tell you, it was surreal. It felt like stepping into another world, a place where fairytales come alive and worries just melt away. Even if you’re not a believer in fairies, the beauty of this place is enough to leave you enchanted.

Girls Who Travel | Isle of Skye Fairy Pools
Fairy Pools

2. Immersing in History and Legend

The Isle of Skye isn’t just a place, it’s like a time machine. Walk around the island and you can practically hear whispers of the past – tales of ancient warriors, mythical creatures, and generations who lived here before you. Everywhere you look there are clues to Skye’s rich history and folklore, just waiting to be uncovered. For someone who loves a good mystery (me!), it’s like a giant treasure hunt.

One of the coolest places to soak up Skye’s history is Dunvegan Castle. This isn’t your typical tourist trap – it’s the oldest continuously inhabited castle in all of Scotland! Imagine walking through the same halls as generations of Highland clans. I even got to explore the opulent interiors, filled with priceless artifacts and treasures. Outside, the green gardens surrounding the fortress are the perfect spot for a picnic with a view.

Girls Who Travel | Isle of Skye
Dunvegan Castle

If Dunvegan is all about grandeur, then Duntulm Castle is its spooky counterpart. Perched on the coastline, these eerie ruins are basically a gothic horror fan’s dream (speaking of which, I’m a total horror junkie!). The weathered stones tell a story of centuries of battles and turmoil. Legends say the crumbling walls are haunted by restless spirits and ghostly apparitions – definitely adds to the mysterious vibe!

And then there’s the Fairy Glen. This place takes whimsical to a whole new level. Imagine rolling green hills dotted with mystical stone circles, where legend has it fairies dance under the moonlight. I wandered through this enchanting landscape as the sun dipped below the horizon, and let me tell you, it felt magical. Skye truly has something for everyone, whether you’re a history buff, a horror enthusiast, or just a believer in a little bit of magic.

Girls Who Travel | Isle of Skye
Fairy Glen

3. Embracing the Spirit of Adventure

Skye was an adventurer’s paradise. I love getting my adrenaline going, and Skye offered a ton of outdoor activities that got my blood pumping. It was like the island itself was urging me to explore. My senses were on overdrive, soaking in every cliff face, hidden path, and potential thrill. Skye wasn’t just a place to visit, it was a place to feel exhilarated.

Perhaps the most obvious one, hiking along Isle of Skye’s coastal paths, was an experience that plunged myself in the raw charm and dramatic scenery of the island. From the windswept cliffs of Neist Point to the hidden coves of Talisker Bay, every step gave me breathtaking vistas and unparalleled views of the surrounding seascape. Along the way, I encountered ancient ruins, hidden waterfalls, and diverse wildlife.

Girls Who Travel | Isle of Skye
Talisker Bay

Okay, I’ll admit it – I have a thing for Highland cows. Those shaggy coats and majestic horns? Totally irresistible! And let me tell you, Skye is the place to see them. These gentle giants are basically a symbol of Scotland, and seeing them roaming around the island is like stepping into a postcard.

There’s something about encountering them in Skye that makes it extra special. Maybe it’s the dramatic backdrop of the mountains, or maybe it’s just the overall magical vibe of the island. Whatever it is, spotting a Highland cow in Skye was definitely the highlight of my trip.

I spent ages just watching them graze in the fields (they’re surprisingly graceful for such big creatures!), and of course, I snapped a few photos. If you’re an animal lover, seeing Highland cows in Skye is an experience you won’t forget.

Girls Who Travel | Isle of Skye Highland Cows
Isle of Skye Cows

For kayakers, Skye’s water is like a window into another world. The island’s dramatic coastline unfolded in front of me as I paddled. I skimmed past perfect beaches, squeezed through sea caves, and ducked into hidden coves. It was like exploring a maze of beauty.

I also delved into a boat tour to the neighbouring islands of Raasay and Eigg. The tour promotes the opportunity to explore Skye’s wild and remote archipelago. Here, I spotted many seals basking on rocky outcrops and marvelled at seabird colonies nesting on sheer cliffs.

Girls Who Travel | Isle of Skye Seals

The Isle of Skye has some incredibly well-preserved fossilised dinosaur footprints — finding them is a great reminder of the giant beasts which once walked the earth and a fun family activity. The easiest and most accessible place to see dinosaur footprints is An Corran Beach near the village of Staffin, where I ventured and had a quick dip into the beach.

Girls Who Travel | Isle of Skye Dinosaur

4. Savouring Flavours and Hospitality

Let’s talk food! Skye might be remote, but the food scene is anything but. Cosy pubs and charming restaurants serve up hearty Scottish classics that’ll warm you up from the inside out – perfect after a day of exploring. Think haggis (a savoury meat dish), neeps (mashed turnips), and tatties (mashed potatoes). Seriously delicious and filling fuel for your adventures.

But Skye isn’t just about meat and potatoes. If you’re a seafood lover like me, you’re in for a treat. The island’s surrounded by pristine waters, so fresh langoustines, scallops, lobster, and salmon are everywhere you look. Cute seaside cafĂ©s and harbourside restaurants will dish them up in delicious ways. Every bite is like a taste of the sea!

But the real magic of Skye goes beyond the food. It’s the people! Everywhere I went, I met friendly locals who were more than happy to chat about their lives and their love for the island. It felt like every meal and conversation was a celebration of Skye’s deep connection to the land and the sea. There’s a real sense of community here, and you can feel it in the warmth of the people you meet.

Isle of Skye at its Best

Ending my trip on the Airbnb balcony, watching the sunset, one thing hit me: Skye is stunning and endlessly fascinating. It’s a place that stays with you. Pack your bags, hop on a ferry, and get ready to explore Skye’s hidden gems. Trust me, there’s nowhere quite like it.

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Rachel is an intrepid world traveller, lifestyle connoisseuse, and Girls Who Travel's resident beauty advisor. She is a lover of the ocean, flowers, movies, journalism, and has a penchant for medium-sized tattoos. When she is not busy with life, she writes stories of her globetrots as well as tips & tricks on how to make the best out of travelling.

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