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Imagine a place where time seems to have stopped. Cobblestone streets wind through charming neighbourhoods, and fairytale-like canals weave their way through the town. That’s Brugge, a medieval gem nestled in the heart of Belgium. This isn’t your typical bustling city – Brugge is all about quaint charm and rich history. Spend a weekend here and you can wander through storybook streets, soak up the local culture, and treat yourself to some seriously delicious food.

Brugge is a city that stole my heart. This perfectly preserved medieval town in Belgium feels like stepping back in time. Walk around the historic center (a UNESCO World Heritage Site, no less!) and you’ll be surrounded by centuries of history and culture – it’s like a living museum!

But Brugge isn’t just about the past. There’s a ton going on here for modern visitors too. From music festivals to art shows, there’s always something happening. Plus, the food scene is incredible! Chocolate, savoury Flemish stews, and of course, amazing Belgian beer — you won’t go hungry (or thirsty!).

The best part? Brugge is small and walkable. You can wander the charming streets, take a canal cruise, or just relax at a cozy cafe. It’s the perfect escape from the craziness of everyday life.

I’ve put together a guide to the perfect weekend getaway in Brugge, so you can experience this unforgettable European gem for yourself!

Day 1: Arrival and Exploring the Old Town Brugge


Start your Brugge adventure with a delicious breakfast! Grab a table at a cute cafe like Tonka or the Waffle Bar Brugge. They have amazing fresh pastries and Belgian waffles, perfect for fueling your explorations. Wash it all down with a strong coffee to kickstart your day. Not a coffee drinker? No worries, grab a hot chocolate – Belgium is famous for its chocolate, after all!

Bellies full, head to the Markt, Brugge’s main square. You can’t miss the Belfry tower – it’s massive! Climb to the top for incredible city views, and learn more about Brugge history at the interactive exhibits inside the tower.


For lunch, venture into one of the charming alleyways near the Markt and uncover any local brasserie or tavern. Make sure to cop traditional Belgian dishes like moules-frites (mussels with fries) or a hearty Flemish stew paired with a refreshing local beer.

Post-lunch, take a leisurely stroll through the enchanting streets of the Old Town. Marvel at the well-preserved medieval architecture, picturesque canals, and hidden courtyards. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Basilica of the Holy Blood and witness the veneration of the relic of the Holy Blood.


As the sun sets, Brugge turns into a fairytale. Hop on a canal cruise and drift past ancient buildings, tiny bridges, and weeping willows. It’s like floating through a magical painting!

For dinner, I splurged at Oud Handbogenhof. This amazing restaurant takes classic Belgian food and gives it a modern twist. You can do a fancy tasting menu with delicious wines, or just order what you like.

After dinner, it was time to wander the glowing streets. Minnewater Park, aka “Lake of Love,” is a must-see. Spotting swans gliding under the moonlight is the perfect way to end a romantic day in Brugge.

Day 2: Exploring Brugge’s Art, Culture, and Chocolate


Start your noon with a visit to the Groeningemuseum, which houses an impressive collection of Flemish and Dutch art spanning several centuries. Marvel at masterpieces by Jan van Eyck, Hieronymus Bosch, and Hans Memling.

After the museum, satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to a local chocolatier. Participate in a chocolate-making workshop where you can learn the art of crafting Belgian pralines and truffles while indulging in delectable chocolates.

Girls Who Travel Brugge Chocolates


Start your morning with some art at the Groeningemuseum. This museum has a bunch of cool Flemish and Dutch paintings from way back. Look out for famous works by Jan van Eyck, Hieronymus Bosch, and Hans Memling.

Art done? Time for chocolate! Head to a local chocolatier (chocolate maker) and take a workshop. Learn how to make Belgian pralines and truffles yourself, and of course, eat some delicious chocolate along the way!


As the afternoon goes by, why not try a Belgian beer tasting? Head to a local brewery or pub and sample some different brews. Belgium is famous for all sorts of beers, from fruity lambics to strong Trappist ales. There’s something for everyone!

Feeling fancy for dinner? Brugge has some Michelin-starred restaurants if you’re looking to splurge. They serve amazing food made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. You can even pair your meal with some delicious Belgian beers or wines.

For a chilled end to the day, check out the Begijnhof. It’s a quiet, pretty courtyard on the UNESCO World Heritage list. You can learn about the beguines who used to live there while you wander around the historic buildings.

Day 3: Day Trip and Farewell to Brugge


Don’t forget to explore beyond Brugge! Spend a day checking out the charming villages nearby, like Damme or Lissewege. These towns have beautiful scenery, old churches, and cute shops selling crafts.

If you’re more of a beach person, head to the Belgian coast. Knokke and Blankenberge have lovely sandy beaches. In summer, you can even go for a swim in the North Sea or take a relaxing walk along the boardwalk.

Girls Who Travel | Brugge


For lunch, treat yourself to a seafood feast at a beachfront restaurant, enjoying freshly caught fish, shrimp croquettes, and crispy frites, paired with a chilled Belgian white wine or a local beer.

After lunch, return to Brugge to explore any missed attractions or neighbourhoods. If you’re like me, who’s a sleepyhead, take a nap in one of Brugge’s many green parks might be the perfect way to recharge for the evening.


For your last night, grab a table at a cosy Old Town tavern. Raise a glass of local beer or bubbly – cheers to a fantastic trip in Brugge!

After dinner, take one last walk along the canals. Soak in the sight of the lit-up bridges and those amazing old buildings. It’s a great way to reflect on all the fun things you did and the memories you made before you have to head home. Brugge will definitely stay with you!

Brugge: A Weekend to Remember

Brugge in a weekend? It’s the perfect escape. Cobblestone streets wind through a town that feels frozen in time. Everywhere you turn there’s stunning medieval architecture – it’s like walking through a history book! Get lost in the charming alleys, stumble upon hidden squares, and admire the iconic landmarks. Every corner whispers stories of Brugge’s rich past.

But Brugge isn’t just about history. This town is a feast for the senses! Indulge in chocolate tastings that are out of this world, or take a tour and learn all about the city’s famous beers. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway, a cultural quest, or just a foodie on a mission, Brugge will leave you wanting more. It’s a city that gets under your skin.

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