30 Women Travel Influencers On Instagram You Gotta Follow

The world of travel – and ESPECIALLY women’s travel – has been forever changed by social media with Instagram at the forefront of this travel trend. There’s so much travel content out there nowadays, but if you’re looking to follow the best women travel influencers out there to feed your wanderlust and give you inspiration for your next trip then look no further. We’ve rounded up the top 30 women travel influencers on Instagram that you’ve gotta follow.

30 Women Travel Influencers On Instagram You’ve Gotta Follow

1. Girls Who Travel

Obvi! GWT was at the forefront of the social media travel revolution! When we started in 2011, Instagram had only been out FOR A FEW MONTHS! Now, our vibrant community celebrates the ventures of adventurous women from all corners of the globe, sharing personal stories, bucket lists, and travel tips that inspire and engage their followers. By sharing different goals and fostering a supportive network, Girls Who Travel motivates women to set out on their own experiences and promotes camaraderie and inclusivity inside the travel community. Whether its solo travel, group trips, safety tips, or just some laughs – we’ve got you covered.

2. Solo Girls Travel Guide

Practical tips, travel hacks, destination guides, and motivation for ladies traveling alone. With a focus on security, empowerment, and adventure, Solo Girl Travel Guide inspires women to explore the world independently and confidently, giving comprehensive travel guides and sustainable practices to create solo travel a fulfilling and enriching experience.

3. Geek Girl Travel

Combining a love for travel with all things geeky and a sense of fashion that will leave you breathless, Beth shares her explorations around the world – including hitting all seven continents with her beautiful family.

4. Jetset Janine

Showcasing luxury travel, Janine, an Instagram content creator highlights the most excellent in travel lifestyle, fine dining, and exclusive travel destinations.

5. Fat Girls Traveling

Promoting body inspiration and inclusivity, FGT showcases beautiful plus-sized travelers across the globe. A must follow for everyone! 

6. Travel Fashion Girl

THE go-to Instagram for travel fashion advice with tips on everything to help you look good no matter where you’re headed.

7. Wheelie Wanderlust 

Kim shares highlights from her amazing travels and shares tips for wheelchair travelers.

7. Tara Milk Tea

Known for her vibrant travel photos and stylish adventures around the world, there’s a reason Tara has 1.3 million followers.

9. Kiersten Rich (The Blonde Abroad) 

Kiesten has been offering women practical tips and guides to various destinations for many years and she never stops being a great source of inspiration!

10. Kristin Addis (Be My Travel Muse) 

Kristen provides valuable insights and practical travel advice for solo female travelers that you won’t want to miss.

11. Lauren Bullen (Gypsea Lust) 

Lauren’s Instagram features stunning travel photography and destination guides, often in partnership with Jack Morris.

12. Nellie Huang (WildJunket) 

Nellie focuses on adventure travel, providing tips and guides to remote locations.

13. Lee Litumbe (Spirited Pursuit) 

Lee highlights exotic destinations with beautiful photos and cultural experiences.

14. The Travel Women (Bethany Salvon) 

Bethany encourages women to explore new places with travel tips and destination guides.

15. Ciara Johnson (Hey Ciara) 

Ciara shares personal stories and practical advice for solo travel and cultural encounters.

16. Hilary Maglin (Hilvees) 

Hilary combines adventure travel with beautiful photos of natural landscapes.

17. Nataly Osmann (Murad Osmann) 

You might know Nataly as the “Follow Me To” creator, showcasing travel experiences with her partner. But her Instagram offers so much more!

18. Brenna Holeman (This Battered Suitcase) 

Brenna provides detailed posts about her travel experiences and practical travel advice.

19. Alexandra Baackes (@alexinwanderland)

Alexandra insights into solo travel, diving, and adventure activities around the world.

20. Annette Richmond (@fromannettewithlove)

Founder of Fat Girls Traveling (see number 5!), Annette’s Instagram also promotes body positivity and travel tips for plus-sized travelers.

21. Kate McCulley (@adventurouskate)

Another OG in the women travel space. Kate specializes in solo female travel, offering comprehensive guides and practical advice.

22. Eva Zu Beck (@evazubeck)

Eva showcases beautiful places and exotic destinations with stunning photography.

23. Annette White (Bucket List Journey) 

As the name suggest, Annette shares bucket list destinations and practical travel advice for new places.

24. Alyssa Ramos (@mylifesatravelmovie)

Alyssa’s life IS a travel movie! Known for her adventurous spirit, she offers tips on solo travel and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

25. Vanessa Rivers (Wanderlust Crew) 

Vanessa gives practical tips for family travel and guides to various destinations.

26. Asa Steinars (@asasteinars)

Asa is an Icelandic traveler showing her van life explorations.

27. Caroline Makepeace (Y Travel Blog) 

Caroline focuses on family travel in the United States and beyond with detailed posts and travel hacks.

28. Oneika Raymond (Oneika the Traveller) 

Oneika highlights cultural experiences and practical travel tips for solo travelers.

29. Travel Noire (Zim Ugochukwu) 

Zim showcases beautiful places and unique perspectives from Black travelers.

30. Maggie DeMarco (@maggiethewanderer)

Maggie shares her solo travel experiences with stunning photography and travel stories.

Ever thought of becoming a travel influencer? Here’s some tips:

What is Travel Influencing?

Travel Influencing has evolved over the past decade. What started as a side interest for numerous energetic travelers has turned into a full-time career. Influencers presently collaborate with travel brands, tourism boards, and travel companies, making travel content quality posts that resonate with their supporters, target audience, or large audience. The part of a travel influencer goes beyond just working with a travel photographer, and taking beautiful photos in beautiful places; it also includes travel stories, brand associations, and community engagement.

Authenticity and Personal Connection

One of the key reasons travel influencers have gotten to be so well known is their ability to connect with real people or their loyal audience on another level. Followers appreciate the true experiences, valuable insights, and honest reviews that influencers give. Today, authenticity remains the foundation of a fruitful travel experience. top travel influencers who share honest-to-goodness experiences and behind-the-scenes moments tend to construct more grounded and more steadfast followings. 

Niche Travel Influencers

The differing qualities of travel influencers have extended, with niche influencers picking up noteworthy traction. From solo female travelers, traveling with a partner, group trips, and family travel, from luxury travel to foodie travel to budget travel – there’s an influencer for each sort of traveler. Niche travelers are highly looked after for their specialized information and capacity to cater to particular audiences.

Girls Who Travel

The Power of Stories and Reels

Instagram Stories and Reels have key for travel influencers these days. So you’ll have to make sure to include that in your Instagram planning. These highlights allow you to share real-time updates, behind-the-scenes moments and short, engaging videos that capture your audience in a way that photos just can’t. Stories and Reels give a more energetic and intuitively way for you – the influencer – to showcase your travels, making your content more relatable and engaging.

Building a Brand and Business

Travel influencers are not just content creators but they are business people building their own business brands.

Some influencers have launched their own travel-related items, such as photography presets, travel guides, and even tours. They might also monetize through partnerships or collaborations, and sponsored content.

You’ve also got to put in the time to make connections with travel agencies, carriers, and tourism boards. You can build a relationship with them to create workshops, webinars, live Q&A sessions, and yes the coveted FREE TRIP to showcase a location. But that can only happen when you have a strong Instagram profile, a good following, and a distinct brand.

Want more women travel influencers on Instagram? Check out 4 WOC Travel Instagrammers You Should Be Following.


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