The 5 Best Types Of Lodging For A Long Stay Abroad

Girls Who Travel | The 5 Best Types of Lodging for a Long Stay Abroad

Are you planning an extended time of travel and are wondering about the best types of lodging for a long stay abroad? Long-term travelers often struggle to find accommodations that cater to their needs. Staying in hotels for extended periods isn’t always economical, and apartments or hostels might not provide the necessary amenities. Therefore, you need to know the various options to make the right decision that fits your travel budget and needs. These are the best types of lodging for a long stay abroad.

The 5 Best Types of Lodging for a Long Stay Abroad

Girls Who Travel | The 5 Best Types of Lodging for a Long Stay Abroad

1. Service Apartments

Service apartments are a popular option for travelers who plan on staying in a single city for an extended period. They offer everything a hotel does but with more space, privacy, and freedom. Most service apartments come equipped with a kitchenette and basic amenities, such as laundry facilities, cable TV, and Wi-Fi. Service apartments are generally more cost-effective than hotels and offer more value.

2. Host Families

Girls Who Travel | The 5 Best Types of Lodging for a Long Stay Abroad

Staying with a host family adds a unique cultural experience to your travel. It can also be a cost-effective lodging option, especially for students or budget travelers. Living with a host family gives travelers insight into the local lifestyle, language, and traditions. You can find host families through various online platforms, community service organizations, or educational exchange programs. However, you must establish a clear set of expectations with the host family upon arrival.

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3. Vacation Rentals

Girls Who Travel | The 5 Best Types of Lodging for a Long Stay Abroad

Vacation rentals are ideal for travelers who want the comforts of home while traveling. They offer space, privacy, and the flexibility of cooking your meals. Vacation rentals include apartments, villas, or houses, and you can find them through various online platforms. Be sure to read the reviews, check the location, and ask the owner about additional costs, such as cleaning fees or utilities, before booking a vacation rental.

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4. Extended-Stay Hotels

Extended-stay hotels are for travelers who want to stay for long periods. While most hotels should have laundry facilities, those designed for longer stays also offer bigger rooms and kitchenettes. They’re perfect for those who prefer amenities such as cleaning services, breakfast, and gym facilities. The rates for extended-stay hotels are usually much lower than traditional lodging for a long stay.

5. Work-Stays

Girls Who Travel | The 5 Best Types of Lodging for a Long Stay Abroad

A work-stay option is ideal for those who want to do more than just shuffle from one tourist attraction to another. These accommodation options come with workplace arrangements, allowing travelers to complete projects while abroad. If interested, you can choose between house- and petsitting, farm work, or even teaching English. This type of lodging is perfect for individuals on a budget who want to save money by exchanging work for their accommodation.

Find the Best Types of Lodging for a Long Stay Abroad

Finding suitable accommodation for long-term travel can be daunting. However, knowing the best types of lodging for a long stay abroad can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your needs. From service apartments to work-stays, each option has its pros and cons. Choose the option that fits your travel budget to have the most home-like experience possible in a foreign country.

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