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Top 10 Gifts for Every Book Sniffer Woman

Book sniffer: a person who loves the smell of books. They can be old or new, used or unused. Smelling a book makes this person...
Girls Who Travel | Redefining Travel

Redefining Travel

"Welcome to the Netherlands. You can’t visit us at the moment, but we hope that in the future you’ll enjoy our beautiful and vibrant country...
Girls Who Travel | My First Flight

My First Flight – Traveling Abroad

My First Flight - Traveling Abroad My first flight was scheduled for 7th December, 2019. The alarm was set for 6 am, not that I...
Girls Who Travel | Living on a sailboat

Living On a Sailboat – The Amazing Vagabond Life

Do you wonder what it's like living on a sailboat? I met the man of my dreams in 2006 when I was vacationing on St....
Girls Who Travel | Provence - 7 Days in the South of France

Provence – 7 Days in the South of France

I did quite a bit of hiking over the past year as I find it both healing and therapeutic. So when I planned a trip...



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