17 Most Haunted Houses In Indianapolis & Indiana

Girls Who Travel | 17 Most Haunted Houses In Indianapolis & Indiana

Indianapolis has a lot going on during Halloween season, and that means it is the best time to visit. The city and surrounding area offers many different haunted attractions. Haunted hayrides, haunted houses, escape rooms, and more will raise your fear level to nearly unbearable! Read here about the best Halloween attractions, the most haunted places, scream parks, haunted mazes, and home haunts in the Hoosier state.

17 Most Haunted Houses In Indianapolis & Indiana

Girls Who Travel | 17 Most Haunted Houses In Indianapolis & Indiana

1. Hanna Haunted Acres, Indianapolis

Hanna Haunted Acres is one of USA’s greatest haunts! It offers many spectacular haunted attractions that’ll keep you spooked all day long. Ride through moonlit haunted woods on the Hanna Haunted Hayride. Entering the Undead Underworld will require all the courage you can muster. The Freakshow is a haunted house that will make an appearance in your nightmares long after your visit – if you are afraid of clowns, that is. More into cannibals? Then Cannibal Chaos is your go-to haunted house! Acres Manor is a haunted mansion full of mysteries. A labyrinth of sheer terror awaits you at the Horror Fields, a haunted corn maze.
Hanna Haunted Acres offers many more scary surprises. SpookScape Commons is a scary carnival, as is the Chills & Thrills Carnival.  Experience haunted culinary delights at Sinister Snacks. Get your scary keepsakes at Eerie Essentials, engage in Zombie Axe Throwing, and go play at the Deadzone Virtual Reality arcade.

2. Indy Scream Park, Anderson

You’ll find the best haunted houses to visit during Halloween season at Indy Scream Park, which is one of the best scream parks in central Indiana. Killgores Circus may just be the most mysterious big top show in the United States, complete with disfigured horror clowns. Try to hold your own against zombies at Zombie Paintball Assault. Can you live through a blackout at the local power plant at the Nightmare Factory Blackout? Encounter a slave army of zombies at Zombieland: Unchained. Real horror fans can mark themselves for true interaction with these monsters! The Backwoods are one of the most haunted places In Indiana, fiercely guarded by the Tate Family… or their ghosts! Food, games, and beer are available at Monster Midway, and wary horror enthusiasts can also take a break at Bonzo’s Beer Garden. After a pit stop, experience Indy Scream Park’s newest haunted house, opened in 2023: Lockdown at Eastgate Prison. Some of the most popular attractions may sell out, so make sure to get your general admission tickets online ahead of time. Online ticket sales are discounted by $5 USD. Visit one of USA’s greatest haunts this Halloween season!

3. Indiana Fear Farm, Jamestown

Experience one of the most terrifying haunted hayrides of your life at Indiana Fear Farm! A headless horseman roams the haunted trails, monsters are all around, and explosions happen frequently though always when you least expect them! On top of that, Indiana Fear Farm features the most terrifying haunted barn! Evil lurks around every corner at the Slaughter Barn. Warning: only the brave (and those without medical conditions) should enter here.

4. The Thirteenth Hour Haunted House – 13th Hour Indy, Indianapolis

The Thirteenth Hour Haunted House is one of the largest haunted houses in Indianapolis – and the scariest! Four haunts tell one epic story, including immersive experiences that every haunt enthusiast will love. The four haunted houses are connected, so you will have an experience that lasts and lasts and lasts! The Thirteenth Hours is an indoor haunted experience, so no matter the weather, you can enjoy your visit to the fullest.

5. Fright Manor Haunted House, Southport

Girls Who Travel | 17 Most Haunted Houses In Indianapolis & Indiana

Just like Thirteenth Hour, Fright Manor Haunted House claims to be the scariest. There’s definitely competition between Indianapolis’ haunted houses! There’s only one thing to determine who is right – visit both! What can you expect at Fright Manor Haunted House? Dare to enter The Manor, where unhinged figures are all around you. The Psychomanthium is full of soul takers, thirsty for your blood and your soul.
Fright Manor House partners with the Southport Little League. The proceeds from this haunted house are used for the maintenance of the league. Have you ever been frightened for a good cause?

6. Haunted Angelus House, Indianapolis

Another fright for a cause can be had at the Haunted Angelus House in Indianapolis. Proceeds benefit The Angelus, a Cerebral Palsy group home. Enjoy scary surprises and support a good cause at Angelus House Indy.

7. Dead Man’s Hand Escape Room, Indianapolis

You will find yourself on the edge of insanity in the Dead Man’s Hand escape room. There’s a shootout over a hand of poker. What is the fifth card? Nobody knows. Will you find out and satisfy the ghost, or will you be just another victim to the deadly game?

8. Necropolis Underground, Indianapolis

Visit one of America’s biggest haunted houses! Within the Necropolis Underground you find several haunted attractions: Nightmare House, Cemetery of the Damned, Dead and Breakfast, and the Bunker. Don’t miss the festival area with its separate attractions: the Midway Games, axe throwing, escape games, and tarot booth.
Check their hours before you go. They are not open every day, but generally on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as select Sunday nights.

9. Fear Itself At Legend Park, Mishawaka

Girls Who Travel | 17 Most Haunted Houses In Indianapolis & Indiana

Fear Itself is a Halloween and haunted house festival that happens every year at Legend Park in Mishawaka, in the state of Indiana. It’s on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October, and ticket prices vary depending on how many of the attractions you want to visit. Plan a few hours to explore everything, because there’s lots to do! The festival features four haunted houses, atomic bubbles parties, fire pit parties, live entertainment, photo ops, a petting farm, a gift shop, and lots more! This Halloween haunt does not disappoint.

10. Headless Horseman Festival at Conner Prairie, Fishers

The Conner Prairie festival grounds are a spook-tacular sight in October, when the Headless Horseman Festival takes over. Take a haunted hayride, or dare to walk the haunted trails – encounter a soul taker, monster, or worse on the Trail of Terror. Dare to try the Perilous Plunge, and enjoy games such as zombie soccer at Magnificent Midway. Live shows and events are being held, and kids especially enjoy a marionette show, and a barrel train ride.

11. Stillwell Manor, Anderson

2023 will be the last Halloween season at Stillwell Manor, so hurry up and go! What happened at this historic house to make it so haunted? When General Archibald Stillwell returned home after fighting in the Civil War and found his wife, children, and his staff slain by the enemy, he vowed to revenge these lost souls. But he never achieved this goal, and has been haunting his mansion since his death. Face the general’s ghost when you walked the haunted halls. Stillwell historic mansion is also home to Tantibus Labs, a world leader in anti-Fear medications… but there may have been some tests gone wrong…

12. Haunted Underground Railroad, Westfield

Learn about the ghosts of the Underground Railroad on a Westfield walking tour.

13. The Barn of Terror, Bloomington

Prepare to be scared silly at The Barn Of Terror! This haunted house is open every Friday and Saturday from 8 pm until midnight, and from 8 om – 10 pm on Halloween. Kids trick or treat for free on October 31 from 7 pm until 7.45 pm.

14. Slippery Noodle Inn, Indianapolis

The Slippery Noodle Inn is a historic building, which dates back to the 1850s. Once it was a favorite watering hole of gangsters, and many a soul met their maker in this location. Today, it is a restaurant, and you can dine among ghosts and spirits of people long dead.

15. Indiana Central State Hospital, Indianapolis

Girls Who Travel | 17 Most Haunted Houses In Indianapolis & Indiana

The Indiana Central State Hospital opened its doors in 1848 as a psychiatric treatment facility. It housed the mentally ill and criminally insane until 1994, when it was closed down due to costs and rumors of patient abuse. The state of Indiana took charge of the property, restored some of the historic buildings, and opened the Indiana Medical History Museum on the grounds. Reports of a screaming woman and other haunts continue today.

16. Crown Point Pumpkin Walk, Crown Point

The town of Crown Point puts on an extraordinary day of family fun every year – the Pumpkin Walk! There’s afternoon family trick or treating, and many businesses support the event. Check their website for the exact date.

17. BOOville at The Children’s Museum Of Indianapolis, Indianapolis

Little ones will greatly enjoy BOOville, an indoor attraction at The Children’s Museum Of Indianapolis. It’s a haunted house full of classic villains and monsters.

A trip to Indiana to see the most haunted houses in Indianapolis and all the other incredible haunted attractions will be one of your best Halloween vacations ever!


Jenny grew up in Germany. All she ever wanted out of life was to leave and have adventures. Jenny always traveled as much as the budget would allow, and when she met her husband traveling became a full-time thing. You can follow Jenny on her blog and Facebook.

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