8 Easy Travel Tips For Parents

Girls Who Travel | Family travel tips

As my cousins and friends get older and I along with them, easy travel isn’t so easy anymore and we have a harder time to get together. Some have gotten married and became parents. Several times, when the family decides to get together at a place that usually requires travel, the new parents say that it is too hard. But, traveling with children is possible!

Easy Travel with Children is possible

Girls Who Travel | Family travel tips

This is where it gets frustrating. It is possible to travel with tiny humans, my parents did it with me all the time. In an earlier blog entry, I wrote about how my mother and I have been to Paris many times since I was a baby. That wasn’t the only trip that we would take. My father was a banker and required to travel a lot. Most of the time (because the bank would pay) my mother and I joined. We have been to many cities all over the United States and Europe. Granted, I am an only child so it’s easier to travel with one baby and my mother’s job was being a stay at home mom but traveling with children is not impossible. I spoke with my parents about how they did it and even looked into some other blogs to get some travel tips for parents.


Girls Who Travel | Family travel tips

My mom was not stressed out in Florida at all. Be sure I will be sharing this with my cousins and friends who are new parents so that they know it is possible to go beyond the park for a getaway.

The best Travel tips For Parents

Girls Who Travel | Family travel tips

1.) Pack light! No one cares if you wear the same thing more than once. If your kid spills a little something, tough!

2.) Travel during the kid’s nap or bed times.

3.) Nurse or bottle feed or give baby a pacifier during take-off and landing. If they are older, bring chewy candy like gummy bears. The motion their jaw makes help avoid ear pain.

4.) Bring familiar toys and blankets from home. Also, with so many smart phones and other electronics, chances are you have or can get apps for cheap or for free to occupy the kids.
5.) Stay calm, the calmer the parents are, the happier baby is.
6.) Customs on airlines let you go first, that will help a lot with less added stress so say good bye to long lines!
7.) Bring a medicine baby travel kit because you never know, and definitely sunscreen and bug spray for any trips to the beach.
8.) Explain the experience of the flight in as much as detail as possible so that they know what will happen and wont get scared during the flight.
Hope this helps! My parents did many of the same things and I had great times traveling . This clearly translates to my love to travel today! Please comment if you have any other tips, too!

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