First Time Travelers

Girls Who Travel | Responsible Travel Tips

Responsible Travel Tips – Being a Global Citizen

Today I want to talk about responsible travel tips. Being a responsible traveler isn’t just about not littering and minimizing our carbon footprint as much...
Girls Who Travel | 6 Great Tips for Taking the Trail Less Traveled

6 Great Tips for Taking the Trail Less Traveled

Many of us retreat to the trail when we need a little bit of peace and quiet. These days, however, trails can sometimes feel like...
Girls Who Travel | Traveling with friends

The Secret to Traveling with Friends

Traveling with friends is either a huge nightmare or the best trip ever! Okay, fine. Something in between is also possible, but we mostly hope...
Her Adventures | Traveling as a biracial American

What it’s Like Traveling as a Biracial American

I often get questions about my race and nationality from Americans as well as foreigners. Being a and traveling as a biracial American leaves a...
Girls Who Travel | Travel is a Privilege

Travel is a Privilege – Let’s Chat About It

This post about the fact that travel is a privilege was put together with the help of Team GWT members and comments from members of...
Girls Who Travel | Homesickness

When Terrible Homesickness Hits on a Trip

Homesickness: when someone is experiencing a longing for one’s home during a period of absence from it. Things can get difficult when homesickness hits. Read...



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