First Time Travelers

Her Adventures | Being a Confident Traveler

Tips and Tricks for Being a Confident Traveler

Being a confident traveler is something I excel at. I almost titled this post, "How to get asked for directions by tourists so often that...

Join the Great #TakeBackTheArmrest movement

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for” – Oprah Winfrey #TakeBackthearmrest. How many times have you experienced this? You settle...
Girls Who Travel | Quick Mental Health Check - Do You Travel to Escape?

Quick Mental Health Check – Do You Travel to Escape?

Do you travel to escape? With loss of Anthony Bourdain, it feels like the whole world is reeling. The first thing I saw when I...
Her Adventures | Travel FOMO

Managing Unexpected Travel FOMO

This is a story about travel FOMO. This past week I had two separate conversations about life, contentment, and travel.  And I was reminded of...
Girls Who Travel | Tips For Travelling Abroad for the First Time

5 Tips For Travelling Abroad for the First Time

Travelling abroad for the first time... The very phrase of travelling abroad for the first time holds connotations of adventure and excitement and respite from...

8 Ways to Breeze Through Airport Security

Do you hate standing in line, waiting forever? Here are the 8 best ways for you to breeze through airport security. 8 Ways to Breeze...



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