Girls Who Travel | Go-Pro

Egypt & The Lost Go-Pro

At first, I am freaking out. "Where is it?" "Where is it?!" It's 6AM and I am panicking. If you know me well, you know...
Girls Who Travel | Wales is Worth Exploring

Wales is Worth Exploring

Wales, UK is a dependent country that I'd describe as a contemporary society living in the past. I say this with utter confidence as Wales...
Girls Who Travel | Nicaragua

Valentine’s Day in Nicaragua

I always have, regardless of if I'm with someone or single. For the record, I've been with the same guy for over 10 years now....
Girls Who Travel | Visit Reykjavik, Iceland on a Budget

Visit Reykjavik, Iceland on a Budget

Can you visit Iceland on a budget? Back in September I was coming down off my trip high from 2 months in Europe. I wanted...
Girls Who Travel | Exploring Montana

Exploring Montana: Wilsall, A Hidden Getaway

Exploring Montana should be high on everyone's list. Located in the midst of the Bridger Mountain Range exists the quaint, rustic town of Wilsall. Although...
Girls Who Travel | Vilnius: An Unexpected Encounter In Lithuania

Vilnius: An Unexpected Encounter In Lithuania

I snapped the above photo in a Vilnius alleyway after taking a long walk around the city. Then I returned to my apartment. As it...



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