Best Bachelorette Party Destinations: Edinburgh

Girls Who Travel | Best Bachelorette Party Destinations: Edinburgh

As a place for destination weddings, Scotland is ideal due to its stunning natural beauty, welcoming locals, and a strong diverse culture whose history is linked to the bravery and patriotism of its people and their timeless traditions.

Her Adventures | Best Bachelorette Party Destinations: Edinburgh
The bridal party on the grounds of Blair Castle, Scotland, May 2019. Reproduced with consent.

Best Bachelorette Party Destinations

However, Scotland is also one of the best bachelorette party destinations – particularly in the capital city, Edinburgh!

During May 2019 in pre-COVID Scotland, I hosted a close friends hen’s party in Edinburgh. Two days later we were celebrating Isla’s marriage at Blair Castle & Gardens in Blair Atholl; a small village in Perthshire just under a two hour drive from Edinburgh.

At the time Isla and I worked together in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia), however, as her mum is Scottish and some of her family live in the northern hemisphere, we made the long journey to Scotland for the wedding.

Girls Who Travel | Best Bachelorette Party Destinations: Edinburgh

The bridal party, May 2019. Reproduced with consent.

The bachelorette party is an incredible experience, celebrating the bride-to-be’s journey from bachelorette to wife. This experience was truly special, and so it’s a privilege to share this experience and offer options if you are considering Edinburgh as one of your potential best bachelorette party destinations.

If you are hosting a bachelorette party in Edinburgh, I would definitely recommend the following:

Walking and Scotch whisky tasting tour

At 2pm we started the bachelorette party with a walking tour of Old Town. Our guide from Mercat tours provided a introduction to the history of Edinburgh and highlighted sites and people of interest along our walk.

Throughout the tour, especially as we got closer and closer to the final destination, our guide taught us about the production of whisky since the 15th century and the shady characters that played a large role in the making of this “water of life” through history through to the present day.

Girls Who Travel | Best Bachelorette Party Destinations: Edinburgh

The bride-to-be enjoying a tipple in Old Town, Edinburgh, May 2019. Reproduced with consent.

The second hour of the tour we visited the catacombs of hidden Edinburgh, underground to a candlelit cellar that smelt of wood, leather and the mingling scents of fermented grain that hint at the “water of life”. As our group were transported to Speyside, Highland, Islay and Lowland distilleries through our taste buds, the laughter got louder etching the sounds in the walls like those who came before us.

Following the walking and whisky tour, we stopped at one of the many restaurants along the Royal Mile for an early dinner. The bridal party then went back to their hotel to change their attire for the next part of the bachelorette party, while I went to the venue to decorate the space and greet the butler.

Scottish butler and games

Isla has a special love for games, and so when I was planning the games night for the hen’s party, I wanted to include a cheeky twist to the festivities – bring in the Scottish butlers!

There are a few different companies such as Butlers with Bums, Tartan Butlers, and Butlers in the Buff, that hire butlers to host parties and lead games. Grant*, our butler, was incredible!

Girls Who Travel | Best Bachelorette Party Destinations: Edinburgh

Grant* and the bridal party, May 2019. Grant’s* identity concealed for privacy. Consent received from bridal party to reproduce photo.

A Glaswegian with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, Grant* helped me to prepare a charcuterie board and set out the drinks before changing into his butler uniform (a tartan apron and a smile). The bride-to-be, mother of the bride, Aunty, bridesmaid and friend were all greeted by Grant*, who led them into the lounge room for games and treats…

All I can say about this is, what happens in Edinburgh stays in Edinburgh!

*name changed for privacy


Girls Who Travel | Best Bachelorette Party Destinations: Edinburgh

Castle view apartment, No 1 Apartments Edinburgh, May 2019.

While the bride and her family stayed in a hotel, I opted to rent out one of the George Fourth apartments directly through No 1 Apartments Edinburgh. Located above the birthplace of Harry Potter (the Elephant House) and just off the Royal Mile, the private one-bedroom apartment with a castle view was the perfect place to stay!

By booking direct I received a discount, which made staying in the apartment cheaper or a similar price to most hotels in Edinburgh. Booking direct also came with additional privileges, including a bottle of bubblies, which came in handy for the bachelorette party!

The company also has apartments located in New Town Edinburgh and St Andrews. Having stayed in both hostels and hotels in Edinburgh previously (this trip was my third visit to Scotland), I would stay in these apartments again in a heartbeat.

Please note that the George Fourth Edinburgh apartments are currently closed for renovations and are set to reopen later this year. The apartments do not have a elevator and the castle-view apartments require carrying your luggage up numerous floors. The apartments are also not serviced during your stay.

Other options for hosting a bachelorette party

There are so many options available for bachelorettes in Edinburgh! The ones I mentioned previously were what we did based on the bride to be wishes, but I also looked at the following:

Afternoon tea

A great choice for the more conservative bridal party who enjoy decadence, sweets, and champagne!

Edinburgh Castle combines a Scottish inspired afternoon tea menu with a ticket to enter the castle, while the Witchery offers a traditional high tea in either the candlelit ‘Secret Garden’ dining room or the original dining room.

Hidden Edinburgh have curated a list of places to experience afternoon tea in either hotels or event venues that is also worth a look at.


If you are staying at one of the many hotels in Edinburgh, it is worth checking if they have an onsite spa and asking about what packages are available to guests.

A spa pampering session is the perfect solution for the bride-to-be to have a well-deserved break from travel and planning.

Previously I stayed at the Apex Waterloo Place Hotel in Edinburgh New Town, where guests enjoy access to the sauna, steam room and gym. The Apex Waterloo Place offer spa treatments through the onsite Yu Spa and offer relaxing packages based on budget, number of guests and time of services.

If you are after hydrotherapy and thermal treatments, the One Spa offer a rooftop Hydropool and thermal suites as well as body and facial treatments.

Whether you are after a massage, thermal bath, or sauna, there is something available for everyone in the bridal party.


Finally, while we chose to take photos ourselves, the longer the party progressed the blurrier the photographs became, so I would definitely recommend hiring a photographer!

Airbnb offer experiences including photoshoots. Often the photographers are local and are also able to offer insights and share locations of the ‘real’ Edinburgh. Dependent on the booking, the photoshoot can include the bride only or the entire bridal party -double check if the photographer has set a limit on the number of people that they can include in the photoshoot prior to booking.

These photographs will forever capture moments of celebration for the soon-to-be-bride in Edinburgh and will be a lasting memento for years to come!

Jodie Dowd

Jo is a Noongar (Aboriginal Australian) basket weaver, museum curator, and traveller. When not at the beach with her partner, you can find Jo reading a book, hanging out with loved ones or planning her next adventure.

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