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Girls Who Travel | Airplane Yoga Pose

7 Easy Airplane Yoga Poses To Try

By Arden Joy / December 20, 2022

Being cramped on an airplane can really do a number on our bodies.  Here are 7 airplane yoga poses you can do in your seat or in the aisle! #yoga #airplaneyoga #travelyoga #yogafortravelers

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Girls Who Travel | Japan off the beaten path

Japan Off The Beaten Path (6 Beautiful Must-See Places)

By Arden Joy / December 1, 2022

Heading off the beaten path in Japan will allow you to avoid the crowds and appreciate the country and its culture even more than just hitting all the well-known touristy places! #japan #offthebeatenpath #japanoffthebeatenpath

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Girls Who Travel | Unique Chicago Activities For Tourists

10 Unique Chicago Activities For Tourists

By Arden Joy / September 2, 2022

Are you looking for unique Chicago activities? Here are 10 off the beaten path things for you to try, from a native Chicagoan. #chicago #windycity #illinois

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Girls Who Travel | Best Travel Tattoos

Best Travel Tattoos From Around the World

By Arden Joy / August 3, 2022

Here are some of the best travel tattoos from around the world for your future inkspiration to capture your love of travel. #inkspiration #traveltattoos #tattoosfromaroundtheworld #souvenirs

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Girls Who Travel | Tips for teaching English in Japan

10 Tips For Teaching English In Japan

By Arden Joy / July 16, 2022

Working abroad is an invaluable life experience. Here are our best tips for teaching English in Japan. #teachingenglishinjapan #workingaborad #traveljobs #teachingabroad

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Girls Who Travel | Staycation

10 Steps For The Perfect Staycation Holidays

By Arden Joy / November 30, 2021

Sometimes a trip abroad is just not in the cards. For all those times when you still want to get away there is the staycation holiday. #travelfromhome #staycation #explorefromhome

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