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10 Unique Chicago Activities For Tourists

By Arden Joy / June 10, 2021

As a native Chicagoan, I love it when visitors come back for a second time. It means they’ve already had my “touristy tour”. And now it’s time to show them the cool stuff that wasn’t on their bucket list. Whether […]

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15 Travel tattoos From Around the World

By Arden Joy / May 18, 2021

Looking for some inkspiration that captures your love of travel? We were too. That’s why we asked the Girls Who Travel community to share their best travel tattoos for women and OMG they did not disappoint! There were so many […]

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The Welcome to Chicago Tour – 10 Places to Visit

By Arden Joy / April 27, 2021

As a native of Chicago, I’ve slowly developed my “Welcome to Chicago” tour that I take first time visitors on. Up until now it’s been an insider list but for the Girls Who Travel community, I’m willing to share trade […]

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Izaura Demari: Style Icon & GWT Grandma

By Arden Joy / July 29, 2020

If you are a member of the Girls Who Travel community, you know Izaura Demari. This 79 year style icon, fashion influencer, model, and artist from Brazil is so beloved in our community that she has been nicknamed GWT Grandma […]

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7 Tips For Not Killing Your Partner In Quarantine

By Arden Joy / March 19, 2020

There’s a wonderful Jewish fable that goes something like this: A man goes to his rabbi and says “Rabbi! I can’t take it! My house is SO CRAMPED. My wife and her mother and our five kids and I just […]

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How to Fight Post Travel Depression

By Arden Joy / December 19, 2017

Watching the sunset on Mt. Fuji, seeing it rise over the Acropolis, floating on the Dead Sea, peering over the Grand Canyon, partying with new friends from around the world…and then suddenly… the party’s over. Just like that, you’re home […]

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