Shop for Valentine’s Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

Girls Who Travel | Shop for Valentine's Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

This Valentine’s Day, shun the big retailers and support women-owned small businesses instead! A few extra sales can make the difference of a little girl being able to get piano lessons or not, while for the big retailers it’s just a drop in the bucket. Make a difference and shop at one of these women-owned small businesses, all owned by members of our amazing Girls Who Travel community!

Shop for Valentine’s Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

1. Girls Who Travel Shop

Girls Who Travel | Shop for Valentine's Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

Speaking of our amazing community, which is run by a large group of volunteers trying to make a difference for you: we have a shop! At the Girls Who Travel Shop you will find everything from accessories to clothing to tool kits – all travel related, and all there to enhance your travel experience! As a small business, we appreciate every sale. Find a great Valentine’s Day gift in our shop today and wear them on a bucket list trip like Amanda in the above picture!

2. Cherish Tours

Girls Who Travel | Shop for Valentine's Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

This Valentine’s Day, gift yourself a magical escape to Turkey with a group of incredible fellow women travelers on a mission to travel with purpose. Wander through the historic streets of Istanbul, marvel at the Hagia Sophia, and embrace the allure of the Grand Bazaar with this incredible Turkey itinerary. Soar above Cappadocia’s surreal landscapes in a hot air balloon, creating lasting memories with like-minded travelers. Indulge in the diverse Turkish cuisine and cherish the joy of shared experiences. This journey celebrates self-love, new connections, and the joy of discovering Turkey’s rich history. 

Join our travel partner Cherish on this incredible journey with an exclusive $300 discount when you use promo code GWTVALENTINES. Available for a limited time! Book before March 31st to receive the deal.

Interested in a reference? Email jenny@girlswhotravel.org to find out what it’s like to travel with Cherish!

3. Ali Temple Yoga & Mentoring Inc.

Girls Who Travel | Shop for Valentine's Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

Welcome to Ali Temple Yoga & Mentoring Inc., where we are dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey towards inner peace and self-discovery. As the founder, I believe in cultivating experiences that allow you to reconnect with yourself and find harmony in your mind, body, and spirit. Our upcoming yoga retreat, set to take place from February 15th to 19th, 2024 in Sayulita, Mexico, is a unique opportunity for you to embark on a journey of self-care and rejuvenation. Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Sayulita, but surrounded by lush nature, this luxury retreat promises an immersive and unforgettable experience.

To make this even more special, I am excited to offer a limited-time promotion to our community. The final two spots for the retreat are available at a 50% discount, making it an ideal way to spend your Valentine’s, Galentine’s, or solo time in a serene environment. If you’re feeling spontaneous and ready to embrace this opportunity, all the details can be found HERE

To secure your spot with the discount, reach out to Ali directly at Alitempleyoga@gmail.com by February 11th. Pack your bags and get ready to join us in Sayulita for a rejuvenating experience that will leave you refreshed, revitalized, and more connected to your true self. See you in the heart of tranquility!

4. Genesis G Photography in South Florida, USA

Girls Who Travel | Shop for Valentine's Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

I’m Genesis Games a Licensed Mental Health Counselor by day and moonshine as a lifestyle photographer.  My dream business, Genesis G Photography, specializes in couple and family portraits that are natural, candid, and relaxed. Capturing vacation memories is so much fun and such a special shoot. Solo traveling is badass! Capturing a piece of your solo travels is a great way of commemorating such a powerful and growth experience. If you live in South Florida or are traveling to South Florida, I would be honored to document your story. 

Find Genesis on Instagram!
Check out the latest blog post on vacation photo sessions
Book her Mama Minis.
Click here for bookings

5. Olivia Bezett Artist

Girls Who Travel | Shop for Valentine's Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

I’m a full-time artist from Christchurch, New Zealand, and I use coloured pencils to create artworks of animals, and I draw a lot of our NZ native birds too! I also do commissioned works of peoples pets, and have recently released a colouring book which is entirely New Zealand made. I offer a range of prints/books/originals from my website, and ship worldwide!

Connect with Olivia through her website, on Facebook, or on Instagram!

6. Yvettheworld

Girls Who Travel | Shop for Valentine's Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

Mission: Helping travel couples plan their next adventure.

Hi, I am Yvette from Yvettheworld and I’ve been travelling together with my now husband Jordi since 2013.  I love to convert our experiences travelling as a couple and everything we’ve learned along the way into products that help other travel couples plan their next adventure.
Give your loved one the gift of a lifetime of adventures together with my book “Travel Photography for Couples”, my romantic getaway travel planners and travel journals.

And if you’re planning to get married soon, I am also selling travel-themed wedding stationery templates inspired by our own destination wedding last summer.

Have a look at my shop here for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

7. The Butterfly Hat by Lauren Lombardo

Girls Who Travel | Shop for Valentine's Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

When on the lookout for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the seasoned traveler, the patented Butterfly Hat, featured on Snake Oil with David Spade and Christy Brinkley, is an extraordinary choice that is more than just another travel accessory. The Butterfly Hat was invented  by artist and globe trotter Lauren Lombardo, who has  drawn inspiration from Italian style. This travel must-have is the perfect blend of fashion and comfort.

Unzip the sleek pouch and there you have it – a beanie and an eye-mask ready for a stylish snooze on your adventure. It’s not your average eye-mask; it’s a fashion-forward, practical sidekick for journeys and lazy days at home. The eye-mask ensures privacy for beauty naps, and the beanie? It’s not just keeping you cozy and snug; it’s making a style statement!

Surprise your special traveler for Valentine’s Day with one of a kind travel accessory they are sure to use and love! A gift that’s not just sweet but shouts, “Let’s embark on cozy adventures together!” It’s not your typical present; it’s a playful symbol of wanderlust and beauty rest. The butterfly hat: because love should always be as comfy and chic as possible! 🦋✨

Orders are processed and sent in March. Purchase the Butterfly Hat here!

8. Compass Rose Travel Accessories

Girls Who Travel | Shop for Valentine's Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

In 2018, Alex Jimenez launched Compass Rose Travel Accessories to support female travelers’ specific needs, and since its inception, we’ve helped countless women pack better or organize their lives. Our 4-Piece Set of Packing Cubes is the only ones in the market with a unique color-coded and numbered system that fits perfectly into a carry-on suitcase, while the Secret Bra Wallet protects women’s vital essentials and peace of mind when venturing abroad. Compass Rose products make amazing gifts because the joy of exploration is such a shared, connective experience with your special someone!

9. Single Sabbatical Journal & Workbook by Christy Jordan

Girls Who Travel | Shop for Valentine's Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

Single sabbatical is a 1 year interactive workbook and journal to navigate singleness and relationship repair through an interactive travel map towards self discovery and healing.

Single Sabbatical is the perfect book for Valentines for women looking to discover how to be intentional with your time being single and celebrate loving yourself and others at your best.  Single Sabbatical navigates through establishing your relationship wants, needs, and core values prior to leaping into a relationship.
Learn emotional intelligence, healthy relationship skills, boundaries and how to not miss out just because you are single! Christy Jordan, author of Single Sabbatical is a Licensed Therapist offering one on one therapy and support groups for women around the world who are looking to embark on their own Single Sabbatical and want personalized guidance and support on their journey. Single Sabbatical is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kindle. Happy Valentines, I look forward to cheering on each and every one of you on your next Sabbatical!

10. Horizons Badge Club for Adults

Girls Who Travel | Shop for Valentine's Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

Adults deserve badges too! Horizons Club is a fun way to foster friendships, create connections, and explore new interests and skills. You can earn badges in creative activities, outdoor pursuits, community involvement, and more!

You can join independently or you can become part of a group. There is a badge book available for purchase, an online community to become a part of, and there will be retreats, camps, and trips that you can choose to participate in. 

HAVE FUN! This program is meant to be fun, to foster friendships and connections, and to help people explore new interests and skills. There is no requirement to earn every badge, but we hope you will get out of your comfort zone and try some new things. We are nonpartisan, not affiliated with a religion, and we are international. We are open to people of all ages over 18, all genders, neurodivergent and neurotypical, and all abilities and disabilities.

Please visit www.horizonsgroupunlimited.com for more information or to join. You can also e-mail demetra.horizons@gmail.com with questions. 

11. Discover SleepKeeper’s Game-Changing Pillow Carriers: Your Passport to Dreamy Travels

Girls Who Travel | Shop for Valentine's Day Gifts And Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

Ever dreamt of traveling without the hassle of bulky baggage, especially when it’s your trusty pillow you can’t leave behind? Enter SleepKeeper, the ultimate pillow carrier for a restful night’s sleep and an extraordinary Valentine’s Day gift when traveling. SleepKeeper’s ingenious pillow carriers – the groundbreaking answer to your travel comfort quest.

Bid farewell to wrestling with unwieldy bags or sacrificing precious luggage space. SleepKeeper’s carriers are meticulously engineered to trim down pillow bulkiness. Compact and effortlessly portable, they’re the perfect sidekick for your globetrotting adventures.

Toting your pillow around has never been easier. Effortlessly slide it into the carrier, secure, and you’re all set. No more fuss, no more compromise on comfort – just seamless convenience.
Bid farewell to pillow-related travel woes and embrace the ultimate convenience and cleanliness of SleepKeeper’s exclusive water-resistant pillow carriers for your pillow. It’s not just a way to travel with your pillow; it’s a transformative experience promising unparalleled comfort on every journey. Make SleepKeeper your travel partner and unlock the gateway to a consistently restful night’s sleep, wherever you roam.
For more information visit: https://sleepkeeper.com.au/


Jenny grew up in Germany. All she ever wanted out of life was to leave and have adventures. Jenny always traveled as much as the budget would allow, and when she met her husband traveling became a full-time thing. You can follow Jenny on her blog and Facebook.

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