Meet and Greet: Julie Burke

Her Adventures | Julie Burke

Welcome back to our Meet and Greet Monday! Today, Girls Who Travel gets to chat to GWT website administrator Julie Burke.

Her Adventures | Julie Burke

Quick-fire questions

GWT: What’s your favorite way to travel? Planes, trains, driving, etc? 
Julie: Plane! I don’t like actually flying, but I love to go distant places.

GWT: Hostels, hotels, or homestays? 
Julie: Hotels.

GWT: Are you a planner or do you go with the flow when you travel?
Julie: Planner! (especially places to eat).

GWT: Would you rather explore landmarks or local favorites?
Julie: Local favorites.


Her Adventures | Julie Burke

GWT: Tell us about the thing you do that you’re most proud of. Why are you proud of it? What about it is inspiring to you? 
Julie: My new business, Wowie Dogs! I have spend my whole career marketing other people’s businesses, it’s so fun to have my own! It is inspiring to me because I get to be creative and it’s my own, and it’s based around dogs, one of my favorite things!

GWT: What is your favorite travel tip, piece of advice, hack?
Julie: Pack light and loose on the way out, and then roll your clothes on the way home to fit more in your suitcase! Also, bring one of those luggage scales and an extra carry bag in case you go over airline weights!

GWT: What is your travel style? How would you describe it? 
Julie: Friends and family!

Let’s get into the details

Her Adventures | Julie Burke

GWT: What’s your favorite place that you’ve ever traveled to? Why?
Julie: Cape Town, South Africa! My son was doing a semester abroad, so my daughter and I planned a trip that included his roommate and a friend. It was awesome because my son know of all the good local spots. It was so inexpensive compared to most trips I’ve been on. It was also the best food and fantastic scenery! One day we climbed a mountain, the next went on safari, and another we were on the beach with penguins!

GWT: How does traveling affect your friendships in general?
Julie: I think it adds a special layer to friendships. I feel that after traveling with someone I get a whole different part of them and it bonds us in a different, unique a close way.

GWT: What do you credit most to your success?
Julie: I was brought up with a strong work ethic that I still carry today. I have a strong left and right brain, which helps me adapt to most situations. Mainly though, I am a people person and get along with most people well. I think that when you want to raise someone else up, they want the same for you and it only helps everyone’s success!

Check out Julie’s Wowie Dogs website! You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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