Top 20 Destinations In India Safe for Solo Women Travelers

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India, the land of intense colours, rich traditions, and inexpressible beauty, attracts excited people with its distinct character. The question is pretty small but it still appears: Is India safe for solo women travelers? The answers is: Yes! Plenty of destinations out there are a safe haven for women travelling solo. Here are 20 of them.

Top 20 Destinations In India Safe for Solo Women Travelers

South India: Thrilling Cultural Insights and Breathtaking Awe-Inspiring Coasts.

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Pondicherry: This is a French colonial town with its colourful boulevards, cosy cafes and pretty beaches. Breathtaking, you see a perfect melting of the French and Indian cultures. Women travelling alone will have peace of mind knowing that the city will keep its impeccable infrastructure and amenable atmosphere. Finish the French Quarter, walk down along the picturesque Promenade Beach, or visit Auroville, an idealistic self governing township dedicated to people from various nations living in one place.

Kerala: Solo female travellers as well as nature admirers idolise Kerala and simply named it, “God’s own country”. A charming houseboat on the Kerala backwaters, some well-deserved rest in front of pristine beaches, or traditional Ayurvedic treatments can be pursued during the course of the tour. Kerala has the highest matriarchal society of India so it is a perfect choice for women without male companions.

Munnar: Tucked inside the Green Mountain Range known as the Western Ghats, Munnar is a paradise fit for rest and relaxation. Solo travel ladies are not left out in singular spectacular sights ever. They can have an awesome time from the top of the tea plantation, visit waterfalls or get a quick refresh at the spa centre. Infrastructure is probably one the best developed of all places we’ve been and local people are super friendly so it’s very comfortable to stay.

Hampi: A site that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is no less than an open-air museum built to depict the greatness of the Vijayanagara Empire. Go through the oldest and biggest temples, the mystic Ruins, and the sacred pieces of Nature. Hampi is associated with a variety of tourists. Hampi becomes an enlightening and enjoyable experience for a solo female traveller.

Coorg: It is known as the “Scotland of India” among coffee plantations, waterfalls, and amazing landscapes where the fragrance of flowers and the canopy of coconut trees lead you to hills. Female travellers do not have to shy away from the possibility of setting out alone because there are many hiking packages, spice plantations, or even various ways to just take it easy as there is enough space, natural and scenic if needed. Coorgis are a friendly people, and their warm hospitality is an additional value to make the destination a favourite.

West India: The history and heritage of the area

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Goa: The distinct feature of shining beaches, pulsating nightlife, and the relaxed environment is the prime reason that make Goa the venue of choice for solo travellers, mostly female. The soft sands, Portuguese colonial architecture, or delicious seafood would be more pleasant. The sense of safety in Goa and the warmth of its welcome towards solo travellers are important for this experience of solo travel.

Mumbai: This city, which unarguably never sleeps has a sort of mixture of history, culture and modern vivacity. The lonesome female backpackers could feel the pulse of the city through the iconic landmarks of Gateway of India, walk around the colourful bazaar, and enjoy the better Bollywood movies. Mumbai public transportation system is sophisticated and most importantly, accommodation spots abound for solo travellers.

Pune: A cultural hub with historical value and intellectual centres, The Pune city is definitely not a place to go wrong if you are a solo female traveller looking for a variety of activities. This you can do by visiting the Shaniwar Wada Palace, the tourist attraction that highlights the city’s historical heritage. Pune is full of youthful sentiment and a range of friendly people to check the place out for women on your own.

Ahmedabad: The city which dates back centuries and reputed for the intricate textile artisanship as well as irresistible food is one of the unmatched destinations for solo female travellers. Discover the exotic mosques and reservoir temples, take a turn around the dynamic textile markets, and taste some enticing dishes from Gujarati fare. In Ahmedabad, you have a well developed infrastructure and friendly people.

Rajasthan: The Land of Kings! Dispense yourself in the royal inheritance of Rajasthan, a state full of magnificent forts, eminent palaces and vibrant culture. Solo female travellers can explore cities of iconic interest like Jaipur, known as the ‘Pink City’, Udaipur, ‘the City of Lakes’ or Jaisalmer, ‘the Golden City’. Rajasthan offers a good deal of tourist infrastructure and, what’s more, quite apt for solo travellers’ needs.

North India: Showing Mystic Places & Unexpected Mountain Fascination

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Chopta Valley in north Sikkim India

Rishikesh: Rishikesh, the city that is in the northern Indian state Uttarakhand, has the name of a yoga centre of the world and is a mecca for the spiritual searchers regardless of gender. Take yoga and meditation practice in an ashram of Varanasi, sing a prayer known as the Ganga Aarti towards the dusk, or hike a trail in the Himalayas. In particular, there is a lot of camaraderie among women and this city offers a cosy and homey atmosphere for solo women.

Varanasi: The spiritual elixir of India can be felt in the wonderful city of Varanasi which is the most holy of all Hindu cities. See the sunrise from the top of Banaras ghat, pass through ancient temples or take an aimless stroll through bustling lanes and soak up the uniqueness of the city. Although it might sometimes seem obvious to women travelling abroad on their own, there are guesthouses that are quite delightful and responsible tour guides in Varanasi that can lead you around the city.

Dharamshala & McLeodGanj: At the footstep of the Dhauladhar Mountain stands Dharamshala as well as McLeod Ganj, a place where the magical land of Lhasa is embodied and coexists with the Indian neighbourhood. India Thus, India houses His Holiness the Dalai Lama and makes McLeod Ganj a spiritual focus point.

Solo travellers can get off the crowded addresses of tourist places , and they can find inner peace at monasteries, learn more about Tibetan Buddhism, and see what delectable dishes are served in Tibetan cuisine. Feel the bustle of the McLeod Ganj market, where you have a wide selection of handicrafts and souvenirs of beautiful and bright colours. Walk on trails in the deodar forests, take a pilgrimage, or take a meditation course in search of a spiritual high.

Shimla: Shimla, a summer resort of the British Raj, has now inherited an eclectic architectural style of colonial buildings, scenic beauty and cultural diversity. Women with solo travel experience can be assured of being comfortable, thanks to the city’s developed infrastructure and plenitude of accommodation. Take a tour to significant sites of history that entail Viceregal Lodge, lose yourself in a maze of the local bazaars, or just get a ride on the heritage site of Kalka-Shimla Railway, which is also the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get you adrenaline pumping with the visit to Chadwick Falls and Shimla’s green hills covered by thick greenery.

Manali: Tourists usually come here though Manali is a good combination of action and enjoyable for girls who are solo. Walk to such notable sites as Rohtang Pass, chill out at the tranquillity of Vashisht Temple and its nearby hot springs, or just spend time lazing around in the carefree cafes with imposing mountainous background. Solo travellers’ course in Manali is a pleasure to find support options ranging from hostels and guesthouses. Camping in Manali is best activity of whole tour

East India: Paintings that Unfold before Your Eyes and Enrich with the wealth of culture

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Darjeeling: Declared as a world heritage site because of its picturesque landscape of Kanchenjunga mountain and sweet aroma of tea of Darjeeling, this small town gives a stunning experience for solo female travellers. Ride on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, try Tibetan cuisine, visit the tranquil monasteries or attend the frenzied activities in Chowrasta Market. Darjeeling’s tourism business is widely acknowledged and exists to meet the needs of solo travellers.

Sikkim: This inimitable land fabricated the famous title “the Land of Enchanting Beauty”, Sikkim which is mystical, picturesque as well as acts as a window to the diverse culture. Female travellers do the same and they can visit the capital of Gangtok, Rumtek Monastery or famous valleys. Sikkim offers a variety of experiences that tend towards ecotourism and can be a good fit for female travellers who prefer to go on solo trips.

Arunachal Pradesh: The North-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh has secrets which reveal itself to all those who dare to explore it. It has a spirituality of its own, powerful and absolute, that is driven by the serene landscapes, and the sheer abundance of biodiversity. Solo female travellers who have an appetite for adventure can opt to spend time at the Tawang Monastery, or trek through snow- covered mountains, or watch the vibrant Hornbill Festival. It would be suitable to make all necessary preparations and to pick only some of the outdoor activities recommended by the Arunachal Pradesh Tourist organisation.

Meghalaya: The “The Perennial Home of the Clouds”, Meghalaya is a traveller’s wonderland with its rumbling waterfalls journeying along the dense forests, revered caves of multiple colours and beautiful green acreages. A lone female traveller has an opportunity to get to the root bridges that are now living in Cherrapunji, climb to the pure Shillong Peak or to get into Khasi traditions which are peculiar. Meghalaya State is renowned for a pleasant and well-developed USD infrastructure sector.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands: In case you want to spend some time in a place reminiscent of paradise, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the island chains which are known for pristine beaches, coral reefs and biodiversity marine life. Women travelling alone are able to kick back on the beaches and the sunny grounds or head deep into the rainforests, for example sightseeing or even diving and snorkelling. The Islands provide a peaceful and private destination for solo adventurers where they always feel safe and secured.

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