Best places in India for solo women travelers

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We all dream of traveling solo at least formerly in our life. To be independent and explore every corner of a new megacity without anyone alternate – guessing our opinions is a dream come true. single trip is empowering and enables one to embark on a trip of tone- discovery. still, for a veritably long time, India has been regarded as an unsafe place especially for womanish single trip, and has frequently stopped them from venturing out alone. To keep the trip bug in you alive, Wander Womaniya has prepared a list of some of best places in India for solo women travelers that are high on wanderlust and will leave your wandering soul satisfied. You might have formerly exhausted yourself searching for the stylish places to travel single womanish but your quest ends right then. It’s inversely instigative and scary to leave the comfort and safety of your house and subscribe up for an adventure. still, single passages frequently promise to be the vital step towards tone- discovery, so trying it out at least formerly is recommended.

Best places in India for solo women travelers


Gigantic snow- covered mountains, thirsty plains, serene denes, and crystal-clear blue waters of Pangong lake is what makes Ladakh one of the stylish destinations for queens like you. Some popular destinations to explore in Ladakh are, the Deskit Monastery, Nubra vale, Shanti Stupa, and the not- to- miss double humped camel lifts. Leh-Ladakh Bike Trip is best thing to do in Ladakh.

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How to reach

By air the nearest field to Ladakh is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh.

By train Closest Road station is Jammu Tawi, followed by a road trip (708 km Long). I would suggest traveling by air since it’s more comfortable and less tiring.

By road A lot people do prefer to ride on pellet bikes all the way from Chandigarh to Ladakh via Manali & Jispa.


Not just Jaipur, you can count Pushkar, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer as by far one of the best places in India for solo women travelers. If you have got love for culture also Jaipur is presumably the stylish place that you need to explore alone. The beautiful palaces of Jaipur surely need the honest appreciation of the art nut. It isn’t just the architectural beauty of the pink megacity that makes it a must- visit place of India. But, the tasteful cookeries, the folk culture and the beautiful crafts that Jaipur has got, will make any womanish rubberneck go gaga over the place. Do not be shy to be part of the folk culture of Jaipur.

Lavasa, Maharashtra (located 65 km from Pune)

Lavasa is a planned megacity inspired by the Italian city of Portofino. Perfect for a weekend flight, Lavasa is girdled by the Western Ghats and provides breath- taking views of hills and lakes. The megacity’s air and nature’s raw beauty make it an ideal destination to break from its hustle and bustle.

How to reach

You can hire an auto from major metropolises similar as Pune or Maharashtra to Lavasa.

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You do not need a person to snub with in Goa, the place will give you tons of options. The crazy escapism and alcohol at dirt-cheap rates give you enough reasons to go wild and party hard. Just in case, you aren’t in a party mood Goa still remains the must-have- visit places for its out- beat options. You can explore the unexplored strands, off- beating trekking that Goa offers, water sports to challenge you, the passing flea requests, voyage, and pavilions. You just cannot get any enough of this place.

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There’s no way you can miss out to explore the most beautiful part of our country. The total of north- east India is breathtakingly beautiful, but, Sikkim, in particular, is a bit notch above them all. You’ll find the most serene mountains of Mt. Kanchenjunga then covered entirely in the distance of snow. However, also do not step back from taking the most scenic journeys of Sikkim, if you have got an adventure junkie in you. Dzongri La Trek, Goecha La Trek and Green Valley Treks are the most notorious journeys of Sikkim. piecemeal from being exceptionally beautiful, the warm hospitality that you admit then from the locals makes it an ideal destination for a womanish solo rubberneck.

Sikkim - one of the best places in India for solo women travelers

Varkala, Kerala

Looking to explore commodity a little off- beat and lower clichĂ© than Goa? Head to Varkala, located in Trivandrum. Also known as mini-Goa, Varkala is really one of the stylish places for single traveling. It’s notorious for its lively, graphic strands and surfing. With antique cafes, original stores, bars, and succulent seafood, Varkala is Kerala’s retired gem that you should absolutely explore on your coming solo trip.


The fact that Pondicherry is a land of peaceful bliss, may end up making it your perfect den. The French colony of India is a beautiful place adorned with the street of trees and classic French armature. The strands, the explored bones and especially the unexplored bones will bring out the inner you.

The time that you’ll invest in introspecting yourself will make you fall in love with yourself each over again. The mouth- water seafood delectables with the touch of French cookery will be the cherry on top on your Pondicherry visit.


Uttarakhand is considered one of the safest destinations in the country for solo womanish trip. put away in the unworried denes of Uttarakhand, Nainital is the perfect personification of paradise. The Kuamoni locals are accommodating and drinking, which makes the megacity safe for ladies traveling alone. Some of the conditioning that you can do in Nainital are steed riding, camping, and touring.

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Shimla is an ideal destination for a single trip experience due to the vale’s beauty and charm. The fiefdom of Himachal Pradesh is inviting towards a wide range of vacationers and is tremendously safe for single excursionists looking to make recollections. A lot of conditioning to choose from; you can witness snowfalls, shop to your heart’s content at Mall Road, treat yourself in original caffs, and enjoy downtime sports in their original sports centre, Kufri. With numerous further conditionings, Shimla will clearly not make you feel alone. The Queen of hills serves as a perfect destination, be it summers or layoffs.

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Shillong, Meghalaya 

Shillong should be your go- to. Located 4,908 bases above ocean position, Shillong is the only hill station accessible from all sides. It welcomes its excursionists with mesmerizing falls, demitasse clear skies, and massive mountains. When in Shillong, Shillong peak is a must- visit as it gives a panoramic view of the country. The graphic beauty, affable climate, and sociable people make Shillong a safe and secure destination for single trip.

Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

The beauty of Gulmarg cannot be explained in words unless you witness it yourself. With downtime sports similar as skiing, string buses, horseback riding, 18- hole golf course, Gondolas, and trout fishing, Gulmarg is the perfect downtime vacation destination. Its downtime jubilee has attracted artists and musicians from each over the world. Busy all time long, it gives you an experience of a continuance with its artistic and out-of-door conditioning.

While single traveling and soul- searching do not advance themselves to a one- size- fits- all approach, generally the places that draw single trippers are the bones that are the most intriguing and unique, give openings to enjoy nature and connect with others (and with yourself). Anyhow of which place you ’re targeting in the world, with these stylish places for women to travel alone covering just about every mainland and style of trip, you can find a place that suits your requirements!

Significance of Travel Insurance for Solo trippers

Travelling insurance is further than bare fiscal security. In times of torture, a comprehensive trip insurance plan becomes commodity you can calculate on, especially if you’re travelling by yourself. When you’re down from home and alone, there’s little your loved ones can do when you find yourself in a fix. Travelling insurance is equipped to deal with the contingency, whether it’s missing a flight, having your passport stolen, losing your luggage, or having a medical exigency.

also, passages are expensive. However, you can simply raise a claim against your travelling insurance to be compensated for your loss, If commodity goes wrong with your trip and you have to dock your trip. You can indeed incompletely secure your trip with flight cancellation insurance that will compensate you if your flight is missed or delayed.

The comprehensive trip insurance by Tata AIG is designed to take care of a host of unwelcome scripts, right from accidents and trip curtailments to passport theft and medical extremities.

Where to NOT go when traveling alone as a woman

There are some destinations that I have not been to, simply because I know that I would not be safe or indeed comfortable when traveling alone there. However, you may decide to go anyway, If you ’re a further experience single rubberneck. For your first- time however, I recommend to stay in places that you would feel the most comfortable.

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