A Recipe For Adventure For Girls Who Travel

Girls Who Travel | A Recipe For Adventure For Girls Who Travel

What’s needed for a recipe for adventure? Adventure is all around us. You don’t need to travel across the world, or climb the highest mountain, or spend thousands of pounds to find it! It’s ALL around you, and with some creativity and planning you can find adventure on your doorstep.

A Recipe for Adventure for Girls Who Travel

Girls Who Travel | A Recipe for Adventure for Girls Who Travel

Recipe Instructions to create your next adventure:

  • Find the ingredients
  • Give them a good mix and sprinkle in your own passion.
  • Marinate for 24 hours, then wait for the seed of adventure to sprout
  • Recipe should be accompanied with a well-loved rucksack, hiking shoes and sense of humour.

What You’ll Need

1. 10 Breaths Of Fresh Air

Walk to your local park, woodland or beauty spot. Take in the space, find the peace and see the beauty of nature. Give yourself time to calm the everyday chatter, noise, and distractions.                                                                                             

Girls Who Travel
Source: @Cat’s Eye Photography

2. Buy 5 Large Flowers

Buy yourself some flowers and enjoy the scent: this is your aromatherapy hit mother nature style. We all love the smell after it rains, of freshly cut grass, an open fire, Christmas trees, or a field of flowers. You can’t beat the smell of a new day!

3. Add 1 Secret Hideaway

Pick something you have never stayed in before and make it happen. I guarantee you will LOVE doing the research!  Find somewhere fun to stay, what about?

  • Kooky: Helicopter, Light Ship, Old Horsebox, Hobbit hole or Lighthouse
  • Wonderful: Riad, Castle, Bothie, Yurt, Scout Hut, Shepherd Hut, Boat or Treehouse
  • Bizarre: Bus, Railway Carriage, Gypsy Caravan, Pods or Tree Tents

4. Read 100 Pages

Reread your favourite book, in your favourite spot, with a coffee in your favourite cup. A chance to wind down and keep it simple. Give yourself some space to breathe!

 Recommendation: Tough Women Adventure Stories by Jenny Tough. Buy it now on Amazon!

5. Walk For 20 Minutes

Walk in the woods and be a better you: Who knew that by getting outside could make you a better YOU! Psychologists suggest that exposure to nature helps us deal with the pressure of day to day life, and to tap into a calmer space within ourselves, allowing us to engage with the simpler things in life. Embrace Nature and see what ideas bubble to the surface!

Recommendation: Look at The National Trust locations in the UK and see what special events they have going on. If you are in the US, check out the National Park Service website.

6. Find 5 Reasons To Be Grateful:

Counting our blessings is a way to reflect and practice a positive mindset. It can remind us to embrace the important things like family, friends, kindness, and connecting with a wider community.

7. 4 Whoops Of Joy

Jump on a bike and enjoy the feeling of letting go and whizzing down the road. I have just been to the New Forest with my Mum who is nearly 80, she had an electric bike and loved the freedom. That feeling will never change however old you are!                                                           

Girls Who Travel

8. Find 2 Beautiful Sunsets

Find somewhere to feast your eyes, find a banquet of colour to feed your soul. Look for fields in bloom, a quiet park, a blue horizon, a cherry blossom, an empty beach, a mountain top or a misty morning.

Girls Who Travel
Source: @Cat’s Eye Photography

9. Join 4 Female Focused Adventure Communities

Get involved in the community, the more you join in, the more connections and opportunities will come your way!

Recommendation: Facebook Groups @GirlsWhoTravel, @LoveHerWild, @thisgirlcanrun, @GutsyGirls

10. Listen to 2 Podcasts

Be inspired by Women across the world

Recommendations: @AwaySheGoes, @ToughGirl Podcasts

11. Complete 3 Random Acts of Adventure

I am going to leave you with my favourite ingredient! Go out today and practice random acts of adventure (RAOA). The planning, execution and afterglow of a RAOA are worth their weight in gold and can even be a little addictive! Here are 3 to get you going: Invite a friend on a walk and pack tea and cake, Send an adventure book in the post to your Bestie! Post a letter from Timbuktu to surprise a friend! @postcardsfromTimbuktu

Final Instructions

Mix these all together and leave to marinate 24 hours – an adventure will begin to grow and then it is up to you to make it flourish.

Let us know what adventures you have made and what has inspired you along the way! Email me nickyc@daisyvw.com

Nicky Chisholm

My very first adventure was on a Tall Ship called The Sir Winston Churchill when I had just turned 18. I have loved adventures ever since. Although I still get seasick 30 years on! I would describe myself as an everyday adventurer. I try and squeeze adventure into my every day from walks, swims and runs to film, podcasts and books. I am always on the look out for communities to connect with and adventures to be found. I have just hit 50 and my adventure journey has changed so many times over the years, from a 20-year-old canoeing and sailing instructor, to a Mum with young children teaching them to embrace the outdoors through camping, building dens and cooking on open fires, to a mum of young teens when we surfed, coast steered, climbed Ben Nevis and swam in the North Sea! My boys are in their late teens now and are slowly flying the nest, it is here I find myself now, ready to embrace the next stage of my adventure journey. Embracing my new found freedom and loving being outside, I am ready to do some exploring! My adventure journey has included Moonwalks, marathon walks along Hadrians Wall and the South Coast, firewalks, abseiling down castles, coast steering, a cross country ski marathon in the Arctic Circle, a wing walk and training in an Environmental Cold Chamber at the University of Sussex at minus 20! I have just come back from running a 1/2 marathon in Greenland - the biggest and most extreme event I have ever taken part in. This Arctic adventure has definitely left me with a fire in soul for more adventures. This year I am off trekking in Peru, visiting the Amazon Rainforest, hiking around the Isle of Wight and organising a mega sea swim for over 500 "mermaids" to celebrate International Women's Day. When I am not on an adventure I am working with my beautiful VW Camper Van called Daisy on photo shoots - if you want you or your business to stand out from the crowd then its time to book a branding shoot with Daisy. See what DaisyVW has been up to Photo Shoot Dates: Private shoots also available on request Check out The Big Mermaid Dip for International Women's Day in Brighton 2024 - March 11th - Watch out for March 2024 Dates

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