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Pride Month Books: 5 LGBTQ+ Beach Reads

Girls Who Travel | pride month
With Pride Month just around the corner we rounded up 5 books written by and about the LGBTQ+ community. This post contains affiliate links. This means we make a small commission at no cost to you if you click through and make a purchase. There is no cost to you. Pride Month Books: 5 LGBTQ+ Beach Reads Vanishing Monuments - John Elizabeth Stintzi In this novel, middle-aged nonbinary photographer Alani returns to their childhood home in rural Winnipeg for the first time since leaving with their girlfriend at age 17. Their mother’s dementia is worsening, to the point where she ...


Girls Who Travel | Put down your Phone

6 Tips for a Healthy Relationship with your Smartphone

The last year life changed completely for many of us. I'm no exception to this. In the past I barely used my phone, often due to a lack of reception...
A trip to Japan and Vietnam

A Magical Trip to Japan and Vietnam

I took a trip to Japan and Vietnam with my 12 year-old daughter.   The two countries could not be further apart in experiences.  Both countries are great and incredibly different. ...
Girls Who Travel | Travel nurse Uhura

Work and Travel – The Life of a Travel Nurse

This week, Girls Who Travel had the pleasure to talk to travel nurse Uhura M. We wanted to know what her life as a nurse is like, how she deals...
Girls Who Travel | Good things that happened in 2020

Good things That Happened in 2020

What a year! This wasn’t the 2020 many of us were expecting or hoping for. The pandemic brought loads of heartache. It’s easy to only see the hardship and the...
Girls Who Travel | 10 soups

Cook Yourself Around The World With These 10 Soups

As winter descends upon us here in the Northern hemisphere and new lockdowns are imposed I wonder: how can I still get a taste of other countries? Well, winter is...
Girls Who Travel | DIY

10 DIY Projects to Enjoy While Stuck at Home

Crafting: activity or hobby making decorative articles by hand. That’s what the dictionary tells us when we look for the meaning of this term. Nowadays more people are using the...
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