10 Ways to Celebrate While Apart During a Pandemic

Girls Who Travel | 10 ways to celebrate together
Most people try to get together with family or friends to celebrate holidays or special occasions. Although, with the current restrictions and lockdowns, even celebrating a birthday can be huge undertaking. There are so many rules and regulations to keep in mind when organising a get-together nowadays. It can result in more stress than cooking all day or being hostess to any celebration. So we have put together a list for you with ideas on how to celebrate together when it’s not possible due to distance, work commitments or pandemic restrictions. This post contains affiliate links. This means we make ...


Girls Who Travel | Mental Health

How to take care of your Mental health this winter

Winter is coming, and so are new COVID-19 restrictions. The general consensus seems to be that we are in for a long, tough winter. I had never struggled with my...
Bianca 1

Blazing new trails – interview with a pilot

This week Girls Who Travel had the pleasure of talking to GWT member Bianca, who is blazing new trails. Bianca just finished pilot school and will join a world in...
Girls Who Travel | Day trip

Pack Smart: Essentials For a Day Trip

Some girls own a Mary Poppins purse. Anything and everything pops out of the seemingly bottomless bag. I like to pack smart. Whether it’s a day trip travel bag, or...
Girls Who Travel | Portugal

Portugal and Two Weeks of Glorious Travel

Portugal is beautiful in its own ramshackle, unkempt way.  Accept her beauty as she gives it to you; even though she is unassuming and even unaware of what she offers... (1)

Quarantine Across 3 Continents – Searching for ‘Home’

When a new, unknown virus hit the world, the lives of billions of people changed drastically over the course of mere weeks. People suddenly found themselves following unprecedented safety measures....
Look good while traveling

10 Easy Ways To Look Polished While Traveling

When you're on the go, it can be easy to adopt that weary traveler couture. You earned that look, so don't hate on it too much. But if you want...
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