Wilsall: A Hidden Montanan Getaway

Girls Who Travel | Wilsall: A Hidden Montana Getaway
Located in the midst of the Bridger Mountain Range exists the quaint, rustic town of Wilsall. Although the town is small and remote enough to not attract a flood of mainstream tourists, it offers a modern escape to those looking to avoid the holiday madness of city life. In fact, one could say that Wilsall has a reputation for staying the same. The town’s size has not changed significantly from the population of approximately 300 since the 1900s. According to locals, Wilsall had two grocery stores, three gas stations, some eateries, and a hardware store in the 1960s. Today there ...


Girls Who Travel | Traveling with Baxter, the 19 Country Dog

Traveling with Baxter, the 19 Country Dog

My husband and I adopted Baxter when he was 2 years old and on death row. He moved onto our sailboat with us and became our travel companion. Sailing to...

Travel is Personal, Travel is Healing

The idea of travel use to be nothing more than just an idea. Growing up as an only child to a single mom, traveling never crossed my mind. I mean,...
Girls Who Travel | A Love Affair for Road Trips to National Parks

A Love Affair for Road Trips to National Parks

Growing up, I was used to sitting tight and bored on the road for several hours with my parents. We would take many road trips through America, spanning from the...
Girls Who Travel | Being a Responsible Traveler

Being a Responsible Traveler

Being a responsible traveler isn’t just about not littering and minimizing our carbon footprint as much whenever possible. It’s also about being a global citizen. Traveling is an opportunity to...
A very blue lake sits in a crater in Yellowstone. There are trees lining the exterior of the circle that holds the crater and lake. Its a gorgeous day with a few clouds scattered around the sky.

Yellowstone: The Perfect Pit Stops

With spraying geysers, loads of wildlife, and rainbow pools, Yellowstone National Park catches the imagination of travelers worldwide. Due to its size – a sprawling 3,471 square miles! – Yellowstone...
Girls Who Travel | Are Interactions with Elephants Truly Ethical?

Are Interactions with Elephants Truly Ethical?

Elephants are one of the world’s most loved animals. You can see why – they are such majestic creatures! Seeing elephants, usually in Thailand, is on most people's bucket lists....
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