Oman: A Rose Among The Thorns

Girls Who Travel | Oman
Unique Landscape   From its sandy beaches to its mountain peaks, people still don’t realise how unique Oman’s landscape is. In 2012, Muscat ranked second next to London as the best city to travel to that year. In 2016, Oman came in top eight in the top countries to visit. Whether you're looking for a good time in the city or a relaxing time at the beaches, Oman has got it all for you.   Urban Scene and Ancient Heritage Just like its comrades Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar, Oman’s local urban scene is vibrant and modern. But unlike ...


Girls Who Travel | DIY

10 DIY Projects to Enjoy While Stuck at Home

Crafting: activity or hobby making decorative articles by hand. That’s what the dictionary tells us when we look for the meaning of this term. Nowadays more people are using the...
Girls Who Travel | Give back

12 Ways to Give Back and Show Kindness in 2020

2020 has been the longest year of my life. For many, it has also been the hardest year of their life. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought hardships in different forms...

5 Gifts for the Woman who Loves Travel

The trees are up, garland has been hung, and the halls are thoroughly decked. It's the holiday season, y'all! Now that our homes are looking like winter wonderlands, it's time...
Girls Who Travel | 10 travel themed Christmas movies

10 Travel Themed Christmas Movies to Watch in 2020

During a time when you can’t travel, books, TV shows and movies are the way to go to feed your travel bug. Christmas is fast approaching, so why not combine...
Girls Who Travel - Date at Home

Date at Home Ideas for Quarantining with your Partner

Unarguably, lockdown has been hard on everyone, single or not. But when you spend every breathing second no more than one room apart from your significant other, it’s not always...
Girls Who Travel | Christmas Books

10 Favourite Books to read at Christmas Time

“I have lived a thousand lives and loved a thousand loves. I have walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time, because I read” -George R.R. Martin One...
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