10 Ways to avoid Emotional Eating

Girls Who Travel | Emotional Eating
Times are tough. I have been an emotional eater all my life. Lately I have tried to prioritize my health and well-being and not cover every negative feeling with food. Here are 10 ways how to avoid emotional eating. 1. Distract yourself When you feel the strong urge to have a snack come on, do something. Go for a walk, if that's still allowed wherever you are. Change what you are doing. Are you watching TV? Maybe do some deep cleaning instead. You will feel so accomplished when you are done! Maybe put on a different outfit. Get out of ...


Girls Who Travel | Stay Connected

10 Ways to Stay Connected While You’re Apart

We all miss socializing with friends and family during this time. We have compiled a list of ideas how to stay in touch and have some fun. 1. Invite People...
Girls Who Travel | 10 Podcasts to Help you Explore from Home

10 Podcasts to Help you Explore from Home

From true crime to history to sports to Star Wars, there's a podcast for every subject these days. We're obviously BIG fans of podcasts that allow us to explore the...
Girls Who Travel | 10 books that fuel your wanderlust

10 Books that Fuel your Wanderlust when you can’t Travel

There is an upside to every story. Whether you are quarantined, self-isolate at home or have limited places to go with lots of places shutting down, this is the perfect...

7 Tips For Not Killing Your Partner In Quarantine

There's a wonderful Jewish fable that goes something like this: A man goes to his rabbi and says "Rabbi! I can't take it! My house is SO CRAMPED. My wife...
Girls Who Travel | Literally all the ways to stream your best life during social distancing

The Complete List of Digital Activities for Social Distancing

Note: We are adding to this list as we find additional things to do - so check back often!  Updated 3/30/20 2020 - what time to be alive, right? I...
Women In solidarity (2)

Girls Who Travel Book Giveaway: Eat, Pray, #FML

Social distancing doesn't mean you have to give up your social life. The Girls Who Travel virtual book club just celebrated 1,000 members and now we're having a giveaway of...
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