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Girls Who Travel | My Unexpected Valentine's in Nicaragua

My Unexpected Valentine’s in Nicaragua

By Melissa / February 11, 2020

I hate Valentine’s Day. I always have, regardless if I am with someone or single. (For the record, I have been with the same guy for over 10 years now and still hate that dreaded 14th of February).
   But this is more of a love story. Not a love story in the traditional boy-meets-girl-on-a-train-in-a-foreign-country sort of way. This is a story of a love boat as well as the love I have for a country.

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Girls Who Travel | How to Deal With the Post-Trip Blues

How to Deal With the Post-Trip Blues

By Melissa / September 4, 2019

Ahh the post-trip blues – we’ve probably all felt them! Let’s lay out the scenario: Going on a trip is almost always an exhilarating experience. You spend so much time planning where you want to go, booking the flights/hotels/etc., thinking […]

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