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What Girls Who Travel Means to our Community

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Okay okay. So maybe that’s a cheesy way to start an article, but we are celebrating a major milestone here! This article signals 100 articles posted here on the Girls Who Travel website! To help us celebrate, we reached out to the 21,000+ members of the Girls Who Travel Facebook Community to find out what Girls Who Travel means to them. Here are some of the beyond amazing responses that we got from our fabulous community members!

Warning: sappy post ahead.

Girls Who Travel | the community "Helluva Hike" travel tuesday winner
GWT Member – Anna F.

About Getting Tips

Many, many women post in our group to get advice about places they’ll be traveling to. Thankfully, the girls in the group are always more than happy to help!

Jennifer C. has been able to find the help she needs while also bringing up fond memories. She said, “I’ve been able to learn from other’s expertise before traveling to a new place and also share some of my favorite tips with others. It has been fun to remember all these places I’ve been and to share what I loved about them.”

Girls Who Travel | The community's "Life on the Edge" Travel Tuesday Winner
GWT Member – Lacey R.

About Overcoming Fear

For some Girls Who Travel community members, the group has helped them overcome their fears of traveling. These fears are broad and range from fear of getting on a plane to going solo to exploring new places. Luckily, tons of amazing women share their stories in the group and serve as an inspiration to others!

Marlena D. was inspired to start traveling without fear by our community. She said, “Being a part of this group has inspired and fueled my desire to explore the world. I am a young single female who moved from a small town in NJ to Philly, my family is simple and has not done much traveling, my mom is a worry wart who is forever calling me anytime she sees something on the news in Philly (I’ve lived here almost 6 years now lol). So being apart of this group has given me the confidence to say its ok to travel alone. I recently picked a random city I could drive to, (Providence) packed up my dog and with no real plans in mind I went to see what they had to offer. I’m currently planning a solo international trip for my birthday! Girls Who Travel has shown me you don’t need to be rich, or in a relationship to enjoy exploring the world!

Kirst L.’s fear was traveling solo. She said, “I’ve been able to conquer a fear of going to a new place alone by reading others stories. I’ve learnt more about places all over the world and I feel supported by all of the members as everyone shares one common interest here ❤️

Manisha P. said, “To me this is a platform to learn about so many aspects of traveling – about places, about resolve, about conquering fears and hence Inspirational ?”. 

Girls Who Travel | the community "Cityscapes" Travel Tuesday Winner
GWT Member – Chaya M.

About Personal Growth

Here at Girls Who Travel, we try to promote education as much as possible. Several women commented that this group has helped them experience personal growth and explore their passions!

Team Member Valerie said, “I joined this group to get and give travel advice from like minded wanderers. However this group has truly made me a better person. Some people don’t even know what they don’t know. There have been so many things I’ve learned about myself I didn’t even know. I’ve learned about negative impacts I didn’t even realize I was making. I learned about how to be a better global citizen. I’ve learned about prejudice and discrimination. I learned much much more than I bargained for and I am soooooooo happy everyday that I joined this group.”

Frequent Girls Who Travel writer Mehvi A. said, “It’s an amazing platform. Here I can share my thoughts without any fear of being judged. This platform encourages me to write more. I would love to be part of your journey. After joining this group I have been learn many things about myself and I get to know many people and their amazing journeys. My best wishes are with you all always ! XoXo”. 

Girls Who Travel | Community members having topless fun at the beach
GWT members – Priscilla M. and Sharon T.

About Finding Soul Sisters

Girls Who Travel has connected women all over the world. If you’re in our Facebook group, you know that we host a variety of Meet Ups and that women are constantly reaching out to have lunch/dinner/drinks/whatever in cities for when they’ll be passing through. These meetings have led to some pretty great friendships!

One of these friendships is of Cat N. and Brandi D. Cat said, “I’ve been an avid traveler for over 30 years. Many of my travels have been solo or with girl friends. Finding this group has been amazing. Knowing that there are so many like minded women out there traveling the world has given me the courage and drive to keep exploring and opening my soul to new experiences and cultures Having this group to lean on for advice, inspiration and friendship is the best. I love that I can shout out where I’m gonna be traveling to and see if others want to meet up. It was great to check out Copenhagen with Brandi D, who answered my shout out on GWT. Meeting new people and making new friends is a big part of why I travel.”

Girls Who Travel | A Girls Who Travel meet up in Chicago
GWT Chicago Meetup

About Belonging

When I first posted the “What does Girls Who Travel mean to you?” question in our Facebook group, I didn’t really know what kind of responses I would get. I was overjoyed to find that the most common response had to do with belonging to a community of like-minded women.

Girls Who Travel Team Member Martine said, “It’s about being a part of something where ever I am in the world. For my husband’s work we travel a lot and I do miss my friends a lot. GWT I can take with me and everywhere I have internet I can be a part of this community. Share adventures, read travel stories, talk about all travel related, give each other support, etc. Not only the community means a lot to me, also the team behind Girls Who Travel! Since earlier this year I’m part of the team and for me it’s wonderful to have something of my own. In 2017 I gave up working to travel with Symen and I missed being ‘me’. Since I’m part of the GWT-team I feel I can contribute to something bigger as myself and not as someones partner. The ladies who are moderators, the ones that are behind all the social networks and those who work hard on the website are all amazing woman. They all volunteer their time to this community as it is today and how it will be tomorrow! I’m proud to be a part of the community and of the team!”.

Another of our Team Members, Allie, said, “Being part of GWT to me means being part of a community that accepts me without judgement. It is a place where I can exchange valuable lessons about travel and life in other parts of the world. It’s my virtual home away from home.”

For others, the Girls Who Travel Community is about empowering each other. Bobbi P. said, “This has been the first platform I’ve joined where I feel 100% trust and guidance with everyone’s best intentions and care/concern put forth. It’s also so empowering to see so many women independent, thriving, loving life and, most importantly, loving travel and all it offers. Thank you ALL!”

Girls Who Travel also empowers Lisa W.U., who said, “I joined GWT to find myself and do some soul searching. I love to travel! Through the years I have been limited to where I can travel with children. Now my children are almost grown it’s time to find who I am outside of being a caretaker. I enjoy reading about others traveling experiences and sharing my own experiences with others!  Being part of this community allows me to not feel alone and an opportunity to be a part of empowering women who love to travel!”

Girls Who Travel | the "travel buddies" Travel Tuesday Winner
GWT Member – Jania B.

At the end of the day, I feel Phylicia T. best sums up Girls Who Travel. She feels that Girls Who Travel is, “A family waiting for me around the world! ❤️”. To me, Girls Who Travel really is like one big, happy family. We are so thankful for each and every member of our growing Girls Who Travel family. Here’s to 100 website posts and to many, many more!

Katie-Beth Gamblin, Girl Who Travel Website Editor

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KB Gamblin

About KB: Originally from Kentucky, KB Gamblin is a freelance writer and the blogger behind Her Life in Ruins. KB is a trained archaeologist, lover of history, and passionate traveler. When she’s not at work or on the road, you can find her hanging out with her dog, Indiana Jones.

KB Gamblin

About KB: Originally from Kentucky, KB Gamblin is a freelance writer and the blogger behind Her Life in Ruins. KB is a trained archaeologist, lover of history, and passionate traveler. When she’s not at work or on the road, you can find her hanging out with her dog, Indiana Jones.

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