5 Travel Subscription Boxes You’ll Love


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In Her Adventures, we’re all about finding new ways to explore beyond your boundaries. Exploration takes all different forms and sometimes it doesn’t even require leaving your home! That’s why we partnered with Cratejoy to bring you some of the best travel subscription boxes that let you see the world from home!

You can find the full collection here but we’ve picked five of our favorite to share here!

Paradise Delivered

Girls Who Travel | 5 Travel Subscription Boxes You'll Love

Get that ahhhhhhhhh beach feel without the sand and sunburn. Paradise Delivered delivers, well, paradise! Each box comes with 7-8 full sized tropical inspired products every month! From great beach reads to the perfect spa scented candles, you’ll feel like you’re getting pampered at the most luxurious resort.

Get the Paradise Delivered travel subscription box


Scrapbooking Store

Girls Who Travel | 5 Travel Subscription Boxes You'll Love

Explore by reliving your travels! Scrapbooking is one of the best ways to overcome the post vacation blues and also, it’s just super fun. Sites like Shutterfly make it super easy to order photo prints for next to nothing and then all that’s left is to have fun arranging and decorating! With the Scrapbook Store you’ll have lots of cute embellishments to make your memories come alive.

Get Scrapbooking Store travel subscription box

Culture Cakes

Girls Who Travel | 5 Travel Subscription Boxes You'll Love

One of the best parts of travel is introducing your tastebuds to new and delicious cuisines, don’t you think? With the Culture Cakes box, you’ll get international snacks, a cultural fusion cupcake recipe, baking tools and exotic ingredients, and a booklet of cultural discovery each month! Perfect for feeding your wanderlust (literally!), date nights, entertaining the kids, or trying your hand at a new hobby.

Get the Culture Cakes travel subscription box 

The wordy traveler

Girls Who Travel | 5 Travel Subscription Boxes You'll Love

The Wordy Traveler is one of those quarterly luxury book club travel subscription boxes for people who want to give back.  Ah-ma-zing, right?  Each quarter your curated box will transport you to an amazing destination with hand selected books from travel writers, ethically-sourced tea, and limited edition art print.  You’ll be standing by your door waiting for your box to arrive!

Get The Wordy Traveler travel subscription box


holiday in a box

Girls Who Travel | 5 Travel Subscription Boxes You'll Love

Holiday at home with food,  activities, souvenirs, and adventures that take you somewhere new every month! From language lessons to virtual tours, you can the thrill of some of the best parts of travel with the creative minds behind Holiday In A Box. 

Get Holiday In A Box delivered



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