Girls Who Travel is a travel empowerment community. That means we are looking for articles that will help women travel safer, smarter and happier. We believe that it is through the power of our voices that we can support each other, so if you have something to share with your international sisterhood that will make them stronger, this is the place!

Without you and your stories, the Girls Who Travel community could not exist. When you submit your story to be posted on the Girls Who Travel website, we will give you credit as the author and, if you want, a link to your personal blog or other social media sites. You retain any ownership rights you have in Your Content, but you grant Girls Who Travel a license to use that Content. Please see our Terms of Use for the conditions.

Here’s the fun stuff:

  • There is no limit to the number of stories you can submit!
  • Keep your article to around 800 words.
  • We would LOVE to include a bio, photo and link to your website/Instagram/Facebook page, but you must include that in your post. We won’t go chasing you down.
  • Your post may be featured on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and the Girls Who Travel page.
  • Questions? E-mail connect@girlswhotravel.org

Here’s the legal stuff:

  • The content should be relevant to the Girls Who Travel community such as travel articles, experiences, photos, or advice.
  • The content must be compliant with our Content Standards which can be found in our Terms of Use.
  • We are not required to post any submitted content on our Website but if we do decide to post your content, we have the right to modify it prior to posting.
  • Writing for Girls Who travel is purely voluntary, we do not pay for content and your submission does not make you an employee or contractor of Girls Who Travel. Don’t hold yourself out as such.
  • Your content ownership rights, subject to our license, remain and you can display the content at your discretion. We agree to list you as the author of your contributions.
  • We do not publish sponsored content or brand review. If you are interested in having sponsored or branded content published on our website, please email gwt@girlswhotravel.org.
  • Your content does not need to be original but it does need to be yours.


Here are some tips for getting an article published:

  • Ask yourself – does your article further the Girls Who Travel mission statement?
    Girls Who Travel is a support network for travelers who identify as women, trans, and/or genderqueer. Our mission is to empower women travelers to explore beyond their boundaries and to create a more connected and inclusive world. 
  • We are especially looking for articles about diversity, inclusion, intercultural communication and being a responsible traveler.
  • We believe travel is so much more than needing to pull out your passport. Think about all the ways women can explore beyond their boundaries.
  • Please be yourself and not an advertisement. We will not post stories that are clearly just promotional for you or a product.
  • Girls Who Travel is a judgement free zone – Absolutely NO derogatory terms may be used.
  • GWT is an international organization and does not affiliate with any party/organization/faith. Please keep all posts related to travel and neutral in nature.

If you want to include your bio, here is how:

  • At the end of your article embed your photo (no larger than 250 x 250px).
  • To the RIGHT of the photo start with “About ___name___”
  • Then include a short bio of 50 words or less. This can be whatever you want readers to know about!Ready? Set? Submit!

Girls Who Travel submission form

Posts over 800 words will not be approved!
Featured Image must be 1080px by 530x
By selecting agree, I am confirming that I have all legal rights or have consent to post from anyone who has contributed to the submission. I grant the Girls Who Travel (GWT) team permission to post any material contributed by me without compensation or excessive recognition given to me and to alter my submission for the purposes of editorial continuity across GWT platforms. I also understand that submission does not guarantee a feature and if at any time I want this article removed, I have the right to remove it from the website.



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