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What To Bring On A Roadtrip: 10 Essentials

Road trips are one of the best ways to see the world. But you’ve got to know what to bring on a roadtrip to truly get the most out of your experience.

What To Bring On A Roadtrip: 10 Essentials

A dope playlist

Or just anything to listen to: music, podcasts, audio books

Dollar bills / loose change

For the tolls you can’t with a credit card and the parking meters that require coins. Yes, those still exist.

Snacks / drinks

Opt for high energy snacks like nuts, trail mix, or protein bars and, although stopping every 10 minutes to pee isn’t ideal, stay hydrated – drink water!

Navigation system

Likely you have a smart phone, but if not, break out the old GPS

An actual map

We may live in a world technology but sometimes technology fails us. Your phone might die or your GPS might lose reception. Have some back up; whether it’s a store bought map or directions printed from Google

Charge cords

So that maybe your phone won’t die after all and you won’t actually have to know how to read a map


For when the sun is going down and it gets to that point below shade of the visor and starts to blind you. Don’t crash, have sunglasses to put on

Toilet paper / baby wipes / hand sanitizer

You just never know when you’re going to need it.

Pillow / blanket

For passengers, long car rides = long, glorious naps. Just don’t be a crappy co-pilot!

Spare key

For the times you lock your keys in the car, drop them in a lake, or throw them out at a gas station. Try not to lock the spare in the car too


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