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The Surprise of A Lifetime

Teach your children the arts of social grace, respect, consideration, empathy, benevolence, appreciation, community service, faithful obedience, and humility and they may just end up with a free ride around the world.

Good morning sisters! It is with great, GREAT, joy I am writing to you this morning.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been in the Twin Cities with my daughter so she could participate in a theatre program and so I could continue with some vital community service work I began 2 years ago, as it relates to peace making and building bridges.

To afford our stay, I volunteered my domestic skills and pitched in on the groceries in exchange for our room. I’ve been cooking, cleaning, shopping, and providing major moral support for our host, who is currently going through some turbulent times. Every single dish was dirty and there were several projects when I showed up. My host was not sleeping or eating well and was battling a rash. I whipped the kitchen into shape and scrubbed the entire apartment. I also filled the fridge with organic superfoods, mixed together a remedy for rashes, got some sleepy time tea, and picked some fresh lavender to put by his bed side.

Throughout the two weeks, I engaged my host in special projects around the house (which included replacing his old mattress with a new mattress and building a platform bed). I rented a skill saw and cut the old foam mattress in half so it could be efficiently stored and used at a later date for guests. My host had a ping pong table in the entrance, still in the box. I suggested that my host speak with the building manager about setting it up in the community room. The building manager approved, and now my host has a place to play ping pong with his 7 year old twins when they come to visit!

Speaking of the twins, I prepared them yummy snacks for when they come to visit and lined them out with crayons, coloring books, and bubbles. I “unearthed” their toys from the bedroom closet and lovingly displayed them in the living room. Gifted them each sparkly little fans and convinced their father that he should teach them Spanish, since it’s his native language and his roots are in Puerto Rico. Now the house has little sticky notes all over of Spanish words describing things. Oh! And I suggested my host pick-up a air pump for the little girls bikes, as their tires were flat. He agreed, so I picked it up.

I purchased a cork board for my host because he is struggling with managing his time and lined it with “To Do”, “To Buy”, “Constructive Criticism”, and “Positive Feedback”. Then, I helped him write up a routine for when his children visit and his only day off, which includes a full day of no cost activities with his daughters. Under the “To Do” category, I included a grocery shopping list & some of his personal goals. In the “Positive Feed Back” category, I posted a personal note from me thanking him for his hospitality and I asked my daughter to do the same.

Yesterday morning, he came to me with the paper work that I am holding in the picture above and told me that he has a travel benefit that he can share with one person. The travel pass allows for travel anywhere in the world anytime with or without the primary beneficiary, and he offered it to me!

I have no words to express what this means to me! I will be using this pass to accomplish one of my goals in life: to travel the world and visit ALL of my family members, friends, and maybe meet some of you (if you would like to exchange the value of your accommodations for my domestic skills). Love, peace & happy trails be with you all!

PS: I shared this story in my “Global Sisterhood” Facebook group…in response I have received invitations to visit women in 10 different countries and counting!!




You can learn more about Michelle Mariacher & her community service work by visiting Seeds of Triumph.


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