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Paris for Vegan-eatarians

What’s a vegan-eatarian? I used to think vegan was a dietary preference, but it seems it has now evolved into a lifestyle choice. Hence the -eatarian.

I’m a vegan-eatarian, is Paris for me?  Paris, the promised land of cheese, wine, pastries, snails and frog legs. Will I starve? Absolutely not! Paris is a big city. I eat vegan. I am not committed, I cheat without guilt, but I try not to. As a lifelong vegetarian, it was easy avoiding that last bit.  Except for the croissants I had for breakfast, a couple of crêpes, few glasses of wine, and one pastry, all of which could have easily been avoided, I think I did very well.

Paris is a gastronomical delight. You can find foods from all over the world. We ate Lebanese, Thai, Indian.. all of which have vegan options. Pasta can be ordered without cheese and meat. Sandwiches can be made without cheese and meat. I had warm vegetable soups, which, in addition to being good for my vegan soul, were also very soothing for my sore throat. I have been told that outside of India, Paris is the only place where McDonald’s serves vegetarian fare. Ask for “without cheese” and you are sorted.

Girls Who Travel | Paris for vegan-eatarians: A lovely vegan meal in Paris

Paris has some lovely vegan restaurants and cafes. I had a hearty and satisfying lunch at Le Grenier de Notre Dame near Notre Dame. Even my non-vegan company left satiated. There’s L’Abattoir Vegetal at Montmarte, Hank’s Vegan Burger, Le Faitout… Happy Cow can give you the whole list.

Head to the wonderful local markets and buy what you need. A baguette, some jam, fresh fruits, and veggies. If local markets are not your thing, go to a supermarket. Learn to say no to those macaroons and pastries that look too beautiful to eat anyway, and you are safe.

Paris is for EVERYBODY!

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