Meet and Greet: GWT Mod Lozzie Fisher

Meet Lozzie Fisher

We’re excited to bring you a special Meet and Greet this week. Girls Who Travel is a community of thousands of women, but just a few amazing moderators who volunteer their time to help keep our space safe and supportive. We think you’re going to love getting to know the women behind GWT, starting with this goddess.

Was there a time you ever wanted to quit? How did you deal with that situation, or overcome it?

The first time I tried scuba diving. I have always been fascinated by water, however it seemed like a pipe dream due to asphyxiphobia and anxiety. Especially as I had a huge panic attack the one time I’d tried snorkelling in my early 20’s.

Anyway, I was in Koh Tao where learning to dive is very popular and I desperately wanted to give it a try. In the confined water (pool) learning session I really struggled with nerves, but I tried to keep it hidden as we were a group of seven so needed to be efficient. I spent the first dive crying my eyes out and had a huge panic attack at the end. I really couldn’t face getting back in the water as I was petrified that something would go wrong and I’d be unable to breathe. Thankfully the dive school were really understanding and allowed me to redo the pool session and finish my dives as a one to one. I just kept in mind how beautiful the ocean is and how water has always called to me. With a patient and understanding instructor I was able to make it through the course and certify as an Open Water diver.

I was ecstatic! But I knew if I didn’t keep diving straight away, I may never dive again. Luckily I had no concrete plans and room in my budget, so I was able to do my Advanced and Rescue courses with instructor friends on Koh Phangan. After two weeks of diving I was absolutely hooked! I went on to do Dive Master training and after a six month break became an Instructor which meant I was able to help other nervous divers over come their fears.

Sadly, my anxiety got the worst of me eventually. However, I am still so proud of what I achieved!

What is your travel style? How would you describe it?

My travel style is very go with the flow and I’m a huge advocate of quality over quantity. I also tend to be the chatty energetic one in the hostel who is always in the middle of the action, organising group activities and putting flowers in my hair.

I once spent seven months backpacking in Asia. Often I would see people rushing around trying to cram in as many places as possible. However, they seemed to be skipping a lot of amazing experiences along the way and were frequently in transit.

I can understand that time and budget are big constraints when travelling, however I personally prefer to really give myself a chance to take things in. When I travel, I usually get an idea of what kind of things I would like to do. However, I don’t set myself an exact schedule. There are just too many variables that could change!

Whilst in Asia for instance, I would usually look a couple of days ahead. Sometimes, I’d rock up somewhere and really not feel a connection so move on the next day. Other times though, I ended up staying in a place for ten days. With modern technology it’s so easy to make things up as you go along and change plans last minute. It’s so freeing! Like being a bird.

What do you credit most to your success?

Probably stubbornness! Lol. I have very little faith or confidence in myself at times, but I usually want to prove myself wrong. I find it’s best to break big things down so they seem more manageable. Give myself a point to get past, then another, and if I have got that far I may as well continue to the next!

We are programmed by the world to believe that we have to follow certain paths. If you really want to do something or achieve something it is possible if you focus and also if you allow yourself to accept failure.

We love you Lozzie. Thanks for all you do! Keep checking back here for more Meet and Greet posts, where you can get to know our inspiring Girls Who Travel members!

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