Traveling with mental illness

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9 Best Places to Go When Depressed

Are you looking for places to go when depressed? Depression is a common and serious illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you...
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This is Why I Travel

People often ask me why I travel. What do I do it for? For the longest time, it's been a struggle to answer the question....
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Traveling With Neurodivergence

This is my story about traveling with neurodivergence and my solo road trip. Traveling with Neurodivergence. I went on a solo road trip through Indiana....

9 Tips and Tricks for Traveling with OCD

Traveling with OCD is challenging. I started travelling before I was diagnosed with OCD.  When I spent a year in South America, I experienced distressing...
Girls Who Travel | The Challenge of Traveling with Anxiety

The Challenge of Traveling with Anxiety

The challenge of traveling with anxiety."Knock Knock.""Come in!" I shouted. "Oh crap, not you again." I said realizing who it was."You know that you're probably...
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My Exciting Solo Trip to Africa

This is a story about overcoming fear and my solo trip to Africa. I’ve struggled with mental health since I was a young teenager and...