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Quarantine Across 3 Continents – Searching for ‘Home’

From the dense jungle of the Amazon Rainforest to the high mountains of the Karakoram Range, I roamed them all in the search of ‘home’ during the global pandemic! Read more about how I quite coincidentally spent my quarantine across three different continents!

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Look good while traveling

10 Easy Ways To Look Polished While Traveling

When you’re on the go, it can be easy to adopt that weary traveler couture. You earned that look, so don’t hate on it too much. But if you want to spruce up your style a little bit, here are […]

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Girls Who Travel | Hostel in Indiana

On Neurodivergence and Solo Road Trips

Traveling with Neurodivergence: This image is of a sunset on my solo road trip through Indiana. I never thought I would get to go on a road trip. I was the second-worst driver my driving instructor ever taught. The worst, […]

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Girls Who Travel | Eco-friendly family holiday

9 ways to enjoy your most eco-friendly family holiday yet

Travelling around our beautiful planet is an incredible privilege, but with environmental threats making it ever more fragile, follow these 9 tips can make your family holiday more sustainable than ever.

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Girls Who Travel | The Future of Luxury Travel After the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Future of Luxury Travel After the Pandemic

With proper safety precautions, you can still make your luxe travel plans happen once the pandemic dwindles, all in line with the latest recommendations from medical professionals.

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Girls Who Travel | Acropolis at sunrise edited

Chilling Out in Athens on a Winter Holiday

Greece is not a typical winter destination but history and culture are great reasons to ditch the swimsuit.

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