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Girls Who Travel | Drawing the Line between Appreciation, Inspiration, and Appropriation

Drawing the Line between Appreciation, Inspiration, and Appropriation

By Vidya Murugan / April 26, 2019

Where do you draw the line between appreciation, inspiration, and appropriation? Somebody left a comment on my blog asking if it was okay for her, a white American woman, to wear a dress with cherry blossom print. I guess she […]

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Girls Who Travel | 36 Hours in London

36 Hours in London

By Vidya Murugan / April 1, 2019
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Girls Who Travel | How I Came to own a Rogan Painting

How I Came to own a Piece of Rogan Art

By Vidya Murugan / March 22, 2019

A couple of years ago, we ticked off a destination that had been on my wish list forever– a trip to the Salt Desert of the Great Rann of Kutch, India. On the way, we stopped at the artisan village […]

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An "Adventure" Babymoon

By Vidya Murugan / February 25, 2019

In January 2018, we found out that I was pregnant. Our big trip for the year would be our “babymoon”. We very quickly agreed on Banff in Canada, but, after seeing the high price point, decided we might as well […]

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How to Survive Paris if You Don’t Speak French

By Vidya Murugan / February 22, 2019

“I don’t know French. Can I get by in Paris?” Yes. A big resounding YES. Paris and Parisians are so pleasantly different from the stereotype. They are far from being rude, cold and unfriendly. People are as nice as strangers […]

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Paris for Vegan-eatarians

By Vidya Murugan / February 15, 2019

What’s a vegan-eatarian? I used to think vegan was a dietary preference, but it seems it has now evolved into a lifestyle choice. Hence the -eatarian. I’m a vegan-eatarian, is Paris for me?  Paris, the promised land of cheese, wine, pastries, […]

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