Team GWT

We are women around the globe of different colors, backgrounds, religious faiths, politics, world views, orientations, abilities, identities and experiences. But we share a love of travel and a belief that all women should be empowered with the skills and knowledge to explore beyond their boundaries and create a more inclusive world.



Allie Lindo

Will talk your ear off about random topics including: royal families, airplanes, Scandinavian culture and Eurovision. Sometimes all at once. Don’t worry it doesn’t make sense to her either.

GWT Moderator




Annika Albrecht

The quiet girl at the dinner table with a mouth full of Lithuanian honey cake.

GWT Support




Arden Joy

World traveler who is afraid of flying but does it anyway. Penchant for high heels, social justice, coffee, healing arts and words like penchant.

Founder, GWT Support




Courtney Donovan

Travel agent extraordinaire! Luxury travel, exotic foods and wine make me giddy. Obsessed with dogs but mostly my boy, Ace. Also, professional sleeper.

Book Club Moderator




Danielle Miess

Living every day as a new strange adventure.

Book Club Moderator





Debbie Petrone

Can and has slept at airports, train stations, bus terminals, ferry ports, and under the stars. Always in search of another great bottle of wine.

GWT Operations




Drew West

Curly girl and happy transwoman. Known to memorize timetables for fun and fly to Hong Kong for lunch. Lives in Atlanta with her two pugs Cain and Abel.

GWT Moderator




Katie-Beth Gamblin

Archaeologist and all around history nerd. Always on the lookout for a new site to visit. Writer, millennial, and dog mom to a rambunctious pup: Indiana Jones.

Book Club Moderator, Website Editor, Newsletter Manager



Kaylene Breeding

The travel hacker and aviation fiend whose best work is powered by cheese and long baths.

GWT Moderator, Social Media Manager




Manisha Panwar

Bookworm and a bibliophile, who loves traveling to places that I have read about. Mother to a young growing up teenage girl, I enjoy a good brew! Love to interact with people and make friends. When I am not dreaming about the beautiful world and how will I see it all, I go to my parallel life where I am a Life Coach

GWT Moderator


Martine Muis

A woman with sea legs, spending 6 months a year traveling the seven seas looking for picturesque photo opportunities and good craft brews.

Website Editor, Social Media Manager



Mikaela Mäensivu

My next-level moderator skills are made possible by the support of cold brew, champagne, spontaneous trips, long baths, dogs, memes, and laughing at my own jokes.

GWT Moderator, Social Media Manager



Priscilla Wagner

AKA Master P. Nonprofit lover. Political activist. Local government junkie. Real-Life Leslie Knope. Life enthusiast. The only thing priscilla loves more than politics and traveling is the NFL, and spending all day Sunday watching Football.

GWT Moderator, Social Media Manager




Adrenaline junkie, foodie, crafter, mom, wife and emergency/trauma nurse. Currently working hard to raise 2 tiny humans who are good people infected with the wanderlust and overall lovers of life.

GWT Support